The interest in graphic designing in recent times has escalated beyond imagination. To support this growth, several outstanding paid applications offer some exciting features. These features help in enhancing the talents of aspiring graphic designers. 

But looking into the free aspects of designing or creative tools, the standard version of paint was the earliest form of designing anything! Krita is a unique application that is adhered to illustrators packed with features and other offerings. 

FULL NAME:Krita for Windows

What is Krita?

Krita is a software that is packed with features to assist them and lets artists sketch freely on electronic devices. Targeted towards amateurs & professionals in the fields, this is the perfect open-source software for the individuals working in the VFX industry, concept artists, and more. 

There is no need for any external aid in the learning curve since this software is quite straightforward. There are several tools such as HDR support, brush engines, drawing assistant,full-color management, transform tools, and more to bring out the creativity within yourself. 


Since it is also a free product, it’s one of those rare tools that you wouldn’t want to miss. With its plethora of features adhering to the learners to the professionals, this is definitely your one-stop-shop to quench one’s artistic endeavors.

Key Features of Krita 

Simple User Interface

The user interface of the application is self-explanatory. All the features and functions of the application are easy to find while navigating through the application is a breeze of a task. An extensive set of options with a distraction-free zone is also present in the application to make the usage more comfortable. 

Multiple brushes and Blending modes

The amount of blending modes and types of brushes available in the software are mind-boggling. One can choose from a wide array of brush features. Each feature has the characteristics that make it different and the best part is that every single feature is free!

Advanced Masking and Selection tools

The feature of the software is also quite different. You can select the desired area within pre-selected shapes or freehand. Selections can be opaque, and one can also add different layers or remove pre-existing layers.  

Drawing aids and Symmetry tools

These tools provide a symmetrical assist to the user. Not only through the mirror image feature, but through its perspective grids and axis determination features, drawing aids are quite helpful. Modifying, smoothing, centering of the illustrations is all possible. 

Color Management

Krita has a unique color management system. Through its layered approach in editing different features of an illustration, the possibility of sharing these layers from one application to another is feasible. Also, the application supports different color models editing and the creation of images. 

Effects and Filters

These features are seamlessly integrated on the layers as filters or effects. All the special effects ranging from oil paint, brightness/contrast, emboss, and much more can be integrated seamlessly in the given illustration. 

How to Download and Install Krita on PC

  • Download the Installer

The installer can come in various sizes depending on the version of Windows OS in the system. Also, on the software itself as there are different versions packed with features alike. Thus, download the one that you require.  

  • Run the Installer

Once the installer is downloaded (the file is big, so you will have to wait for a while) open it, there are some terms and conditions that will have to be accepted along with the installation location. Choose the necessary and move ahead with the installation. 

  • Start Illustrating 

After successful installation, one can either run the application from the installer or the shortcut on your desktop

Download for Windows

How to Download and Install Krita on Mac

  • Download the Installation Package

The installation package for macOS varies considerably. It’s all thanks to the feature-rich incorporation to the application to make it better. Ensure that you download the latest version, but the size will vary accordingly. 

  • Open it

After the DMG finishes downloading, open it, and let your operating system scan it. Upon successful scanning, copy-paste the Krita icon to the Applications folder. 

  • Run the Installer

Run the application from the applications folder and install the software. Let the installation finish. It shouldn’t take much time. 

  • Enjoy

Once installed successfully, you can either delete the downloaded DMG file or keep it for further installation. Run the application and have fun in illustrating seamlessly on the application. 

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