One of the first game installments in the Pokemon video game series, Pokemon Red is an RPG. This game allows you to explore the world and capture as many Pokemon as you can. The game starts in Pallet town where you can choose Charmander as your starting Pokemon. You then start your journey to becoming the ultimate Pokemon Champion.

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On your journey, you will capture many Pokemon to complete your Pokedex. For this, you will have to take the help of your friends playing Pokemon Blue. This is because you can’t capture a lot of pokemon in Pokemon Red so you will have to trade it with your friends playing Pokemon Blue.

The main goal of this game is to capture and train your Pokemon to defeat other trainers and gym leaders. This will allow you to challenge the Elite Four. Once you defeat the Elite Four, you will become the Pokemon Champion and all the while, you also have to protect the trainers and Pokemon from Team Rocket’s nefarious plans.

What is a ROM?

A Read-only memory (ROM) is used in electronic devices and stores data that cannot be electronically altered after the manufacturing of the memory devices. Primarily, a ROM is used in video game cartridges so that it can be run using a designated gaming console.

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However, it is possible to copy the contents of a ROM chip and then save it to a hard disk or a flash drive so that it can be distributed among users. This process is mainly used by gaming enthusiasts for old video games that cannot be played on modern computer systems. So, you can play games designed for Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, etc. easily on your PC with the help of a game ROM and a ROM emulator.

What Game emulator to use to run this ROM?

If you want to play Pokemon Red ROM on your chosen device, then you will first need to download a Gameboy Color (GBC) Emulator on your device. For Windows, you can use a GBC emulator like BasicBoy, TGB Dual, BGB 1.5.3, etc. while for Mac, you can choose Retro Arch or Open EMU.

Three Related Games

Now, if you enjoyed the Pokemon Red game on your device, then there are a few similar games that you might enjoy playing too.

Pokemon Yellow

In Pokemon Yellow, you play the role of Ash Ketchum and start your adventure with a special electric-type Pokemon named Pikachu. You have to defeat the gym leaders and battle the Elite Four to become the ultimate Pokemon Trainer while thwarting Team Rocket’s plan to steal rare Pokemon.

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Pokemon Gold

This game focuses on your journey to becoming an elite trainer and gives you a chance to capture a new kind of Legendary Pokemon when you are exploring the Johto region. In this game, you are also capable of breeding two Pokemon so that you can acquire a new young pocket monster and can track the pokemon you have captured with your Pokedex.

Pokemon Crystal

In Pokemon Crystal, you explore the Johto region and try to capture the Legendary Pokemon Ho-On. However, to capture Ho-oh, you need to capture three legendary beasts including Suicune. The main goal is to collect the badges by defeating gym trainers and then defeat the Elite Four to become the Pokemon Champion.

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