The 21st century has seen immense development in the domains of technology and innovation. Mobile phone sin particular has seen significant advancements that have made life itself easier with vast computational powers. 

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Though the primary function of a mobile phone is to make phones, receive text messages, and whatnot, there are other notes taking abilities where doodling is now possible. Where some phones are dedicated to this aspect, other applications make lives much easier in taking notes down on your mobile device. 

What are GoodNotes?

GoodNotes a smart application available only on the iOS platform that lets you turn your iOS device into an intelligent paper. Its where users can convert a piece of paper packed with information into PDF’s, word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and much more. Though the application is paid, the features that it brings to the table are mind-boggling. 

The entire application is basic but gives the user the feeling of writing on papers. Doodling your way through the paper, choose between different pens, export the file to any format, automatic sync, etc. are few of the many things that the application provides the user. 

Key Features of GoodNotes

Write Naturally 

The application doesn’t let you feel that you are using a phone to write anything down. It offers great customization features and a wide selection of pens and writing instruments to choose from.  

Download for Windows

Great User Interface

The user interface is straight to the point and doesn’t lack any features whatsoever. All the settings are easily accessible and don’t require much time to get around through the app. Also, all the work done on the app is directly synced with the cloud for using it as and when you please. 

Paper-like Feel in Usage

The app never lets users use the application in one particular format. The paper in the app can be rotated as per the user’s requirements. There are options to pinch, zoom in, zoom out, customize the book, and much more to enhance the productivity factor.  

How to Download and Install it on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download an iOS emulator

There are several iOS emulators out there for the windows operating system. But in this case, we are going to use an iPadian emulator. Download the emulator installation package from its official website or any third-party site. 

  • Install it

Once the installation package has been downloaded, open it, and set up the installer. Follow the given on-screen set of instructions for a successful installation procedure. 

  • Sign-in

Upon successful installation, open the emulator and sign-in with the designated apple ID. 

  • Install the application

Within the emulator, head to the app store and download the application. The app isn’t free. So do the needful. 

If you have purchased the app, then you can use it as and when you please right from the emulator itself. 

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