Download Pokemon ROMs with GBA and NDS Emulator

A Pokemon ROOM (Read-only memory) is a non-volatile game memory that is usually used in electronic devices and PCs. The contents stored on the Pokemon ROM cannot be changed after the memory device has been manufactured.

As a result, a ROM is usually perfect for storing software or applications that don’t get changed during the system’s life. Video games are usually stored in plug-in cartridges that contain ROM and are distributed to be played on the designated consoles.

In recent years, due to the decline of the older consoles, a lot of these video games are being transferred to a hard disk or flash drive. This is called a ROM file and a user can run a ROM file with the help of a compatible emulator.

Here’s a list of all Pokemon Roms that you can download:

One of the most popular Pokemon ROMs, Pokemon Yellow is a special edition for Pikachu fans as your starter Pokemon is Pikachu. In this game, you have to mainly train and defeat the trainers and other champions to become the Pokemon Champion.

Pokemon Gold is an RPG that takes place in a region named Johto. In this game, you get option of starter Pokemon such as Totodile, Chikorita, and Cyndaquil. Later, you can explore and capture Pokemon in the Kanto region as well.

A second-generation Pokemon game, Pokemon Silver is similar to previous installations but features 100 new Pokemon species and features. There is an internal clock, Pokemon eggs, etc. in the game to make it interesting.

Pokemon Pearl is a 4th generation Pokemon game that takes place in a new region named Sinnoh and follows a slightly altered storyline. In this game, you are introduced to legendary Pokemon from all generations.

Another Pokemon game from the 4th generation, Pokemon Diamond starts from Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh. The main aim of the game is to battle other trainers and defeat Team Galactic while completing other small contests as well.

Pokemon Heartgold is a remake of Pokemon Gold so it has a similar storyline but comes with a lot of new features. In this game, you have legendary Pokemon from other regions, features such as a Pokewalker, Pokeathlon, and so on.

A 5th generation Pokemon game, Pokemon White 2 starts in Aspertia City and includes several new features and tasks. In this game, you will come across several hidden areas where you can capture Pokemon with hidden capabilities as well.

Another third generation game, Pokemon Sapphire introduces 135 new Pokemon to the game series. That’s not all, there are several new game features such as weather changes, double battle system, and a lot more.

Pokemon Ruby is also a 3rd generation Pokemon game that starts in the Littleroot town of Hoenn region. With this game, you get the option of different starter Pokemon like Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip.

Pokemon Leaf Green is a remake of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue and allows you to trade Hoenn region Pokemon with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. In this game, you get choice between starter Pokemon Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

Pokemon Crystal is an enhanced remake of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver and is a 2nd generation game. In this game, you can capture legendary Pokemon as well and can participate in stadium-like fights through Battle Tower.

Pokemon Black is a 5th generation game set in the Unova region. In this game, you experience several new features such as changing seasons, new Pokemon, etc. and you can capture the legendary Pokemon Reshiram in this too.

Pokemon Emerald is a remake of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire and has a similar gameplay to other Pokemon games. The only thing different about this game is that you get to interact with Pokemon that were in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, and Silver.

Pokemon White is a 5th generation game set in a region named Unova and the main aim of the game is to become the Pokemon Master. In this game, you can capture ice-type legendary Pokemon Zekrom.

Pokemon Platinum is an enhanced remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. The game looks prominently different and the clothing of the characters changes according to the season. You also have several side quests to take part in this game.

Pokemon Red is one of the first game installments in this series and starts in Pallet Town. In this game, you start with Charmander as your Pokemon to become the Ultimate Pokemon Champion.

Similar to Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue is one of the initial installments of this game series and is set in Pallet Town. However, in this game, you can start with Squirtle and can trade with Pokemon Red players.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky is a remake of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness. In this game, you can capture generation 4 Pokemon and have a partner Pokemon that is actually a human.

Pokemon Stadium 2 is a strategy game which allows you to capture and train Pokemon from the two generations and doesn’t have any storyline. The main aim is to capture Pokemon, train them, and use them in the matches to win the match.

Pokemon Ultra Violet is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red and has a similar gameplay to it. In this game, you get a chance to play the complete game and catch all the three generation Pokemon in one game save.