Need an app store that can install and uninstall apps quickly and hassle-free? App Store for PC is a one-stop platform for thousands of apps. Online giant Baidu based in China released the app PC App Store. 


PC App Store is an online application like Google Play Store, which enables its users globally to browse through apps and download as you desire on their Windows operating system. 

Features of PC App Store

1. User interface

The PC App Store has an outgoing and straightforward user interface. It can be handled easily by even complete novices to pro users. It provides a search tool to quickly search down the required app helping the users to narrow down their list. Also, the most popular apps are featured on the dashboard as Hot Apps. Games are separately kept under a tab of Game Center. There are five primary tabs in total: Home, Game Center, Wallpaper, Update and Uninstall. 

It has a built-in management tool helping in sorting and installing and updating programs. Users can install, uninstall, update, download, and browse- all with a few clicks. It enables fast downloading as well as uninstalling. It has a download manager to supervise downloads.

2. Frequent updates

There are a wide variety of programs from many categories including browsers, video and audio apps, system utilities, desktop apps, security tools, education, office applications, CD and DVD tools, desktop background tools, etc. Also, users can download free, shareware, demo, or commercial video games. 

All these apps get up-to-date updates frequently since they are automatically scanned quietly in the background by Software Store to notify the users about outdated apps. They can automatically update. Thus, the user need not do it manually. 

Furthermore, the PC App Store has frequent downloaded versions 4.9, 4.8, 4.7. 

App Store - Apple (IN)

3. Secure 

The app is highly secured by the popular Baidu Antivirus program which keeps check of malware and viruses. The app makes sure that the listed apps have no malware embedded. Thus, the App Store has trusted and genuine apps. 

4. Uninstaller tool

The Uninstaller tool in PC App Store enables the user to uninstall an app swiftly. Thus, uninstalling is also as simple as installing. No headaches.

5. History 

User’s history of all actions in the App Store is saved locally on your device, enabling the user to view them as well as to detect when you have made software changes.

6. Compatible with windows

The App Store is compatible with all Windows version starting from Windows XP. It requires a 32-bit or 64-bit processor.

7. Access to Chinese apps

The PC App Store can provide access to thousands of secure Chinese apps which are otherwise a pain to download. No restrictions of location on apps like Baidu PC Faster, and Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspots. 

8. Free apps.

The apps are usually free of cost. For the ones that incur charges, the payment can be made using credit cards. 

There are a lot of free apps for entertainment and changing wallpapers automatically.

How to install PC App Store on your PC?

You can install the PC App Store with the following steps:

  • Go to, which is a safe website on your browser.
  • Search for PC App Store and click on the download button.


The PC App Store is a free online program from Baidu for installation, updating and uninstallation of apps without any trouble. 

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