It is one of the most popular developer tools, along with Kite, WinZip Self-Ex, and Gradle. The application has advantages compared to others. Robo 3T is a lightweight, easy to use and install tool. It provides innovative functions to meet the needs of the community. 


Robo 3T, formerly known as Robomongo, is a free and lightweight GUI for MongoDB devotees. Software Labs, the creators of the MongoDB client Studio 3T, has acquired this tool. It is known for its fast application and little usage of machine resources. Since its launch, the application has provided various functions to the broader community. The installation is effortless with just a few mouse clicks. The interface is straightforward, and the tool offers an intuitive navigation menu. When it comes to the application’s functionality, it instantly completes the code in an internal JavaScript VM. As all MongoDB operations are performed asylum-free, it makes the software lightweight.

Robo 3T can also run a whole query or just a portion of selected code and supports highlighting syntax. And the exciting part is that both are entirely separated from each other, and they can operate on several MongoDB shells. It allows the users to access the destination servers as Robo 3T serves as a client for MongoDB servers. Because of the tree explorer format, the users can navigate to lists, functions, and files with a few clicks. The indexes and bootleg can access the keys search and the collection.

Key Features of Robo 3T

  • Embeds real MongoDB shell

Instead of emulating the MongoDB shell, it embeds the same environment and engine part of the mongo shell. At the moment, the application embeds the MongoDB 3.2 shell.

  • Built-in editor with integrated JSON validator

Robo 3T allows easy navigation between several database areas and shows any document that has been accessed in a new. The users can open and add new records and edit or remove the existing documents in the database.

  • Provides real autocompletion

Apart from analyzing the code’s semantic, Robo 3T also executes it in an internal JavaScript VM. It allows the users to have a runtime autocompletion that is not possible to obtain statically.

  • Asynchronous, non-blocking UI

All operations that the users perform on MongoDB do not block the main application and are done asynchronously.

How to Download and Install Robo 3T 

  1. The first step is to go to your web browser and look up the Robo 3T application’s official site.
  2. Now on the official site of Robo 3T, click on download; in a few seconds, your application will get downloaded on your PC.
  3. The next step is to install this application on your system by following all the windows instructions that appear on the screen.
  4. After the previous step, your application will get installed on your PC, and you can see the icon on your desktop.
  5. Now, click on the software’s icon to run the application, and you are all ready to go. 

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