If you’re one of the Windows users who got fond of the Windows XP, it has been long since Windows updated the OS. However, if you’re still utilizing the Windows XP, then there’s a Service Pack that would give pretty significant upgrades to your existing Windows XP Operating System.


About Windows XP SP3

The new Service Pack for XP is finally here, and it contains some subtle but meaningful changes for Windows users. Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all operating system updates issued previously. Nevertheless, this unique update only contains a small number of new features which do not substantially upgrade the operating system. Features such as an improved Microsoft Management Console 3.0 (which already exists in Windows Server 2008 and Vista) and a Wi-Fi safe connectivity update to make wireless browsing more secure.

A “health checking” aspect that Windows Server 2008 is already using has also been added to the Service Pack 3; this will check to ensure that specific updates and security features are in place for XP-based clients before they can log on to a network.

This Service Pack is available for Windows XP, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Home Edition N, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP Professional Edition, Windows XP Professional Edition, Windows XP Professional Edition, Windows XP Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows XP Starter Edition, and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition updates.

Windows XP SP3 Full Version Overview

Windows XP Home and Professional editions 

It is one of the major releases in the year 2001 that made an impression for Microsoft’s way of welcoming the 21st Century. Windows XP is still a great operating system to get your work done. Windows XP UI soon became the most user-friendly OS that any ordinary person can use without hassle.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 ISO

 This Service Pack includes all previously launched updates for the operating system. This update (SP3) has a few new functionalities and features but does not significantly change the whole customer experience with the Operating System. 

Summary of all improvements of Windows XP Service Pack 3 OS

The upcoming Windows XP Service Pack 3 has already been announced by Microsoft. The test version was made available for the Windows XP SP3, and it is mainly a package of updates, security updates, and hotfixes released previously. A test run made by Devil Mountain Software says it has improved its performance.

What Windows XP SP3 is going to do for you is allow you to catch up on any latest update, security updates, and repairs that are neglected or too busy to install. Microsoft definitively states that the service pack does not “substantially alter the customer’s experience with the operating system.”


Window XP SP3 provides Network Access Security (NAP) for organizations and citizens. This will allow users to access the Windows Server 2008 operating system features. Furthermore, the white paper suggests that “select” out-of-band releases and a limited number of new releases will occur.

A trial run of the service pack was conducted by the Devil Mountain Software Group, and it got an unexpected performance improvement. The group used a Dell XPS M1710 with a 2 GHz Core Duo CPU, 1 GB RAM, and Nvidia GeForce Go 7900GS video. The research included experimenting for OfficeBench, according to Craig Barth, The Chief Technical Officer of Devil Mountain Software Group. The findings also revealed a 10 percent improvement in the performance of Windows XP SP3 trials relative to previous XP SP2 models.  Microsoft performed the same experiments on Vista, and according to Barth, “it is two times slower than the most current builds of its older sibling.” While provisional, for XP users, this is positive news.

Installation Requirements of Windows XP SP3 on your PC

It is still good to verify if your system is ready for Windows XP SP3 to ensure that you have a good experience when you update Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) on your PC.  We will discuss the prerequisites for installing Windows XP SP3 in this article.

  • The first step is checking your PC’s hard-disk space.
  • Make sure to have a minimum of 1.5 GB of free space on your system disk.
  • Uninstall this following updates if you have them installed on your PC MICROSOFT SHARED COMPUTER TOOLKIT & REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION (RDP) 6.0 MUI pack.
  • To uninstall these updates.
  1. Click the Start button and open Run.
  2. In the Box, type appwiz.CPL
  4. Click Remove.
  • If you have a third-party wireless network, make sure that the network is supported. (If you have a third-party wireless network adapter, make sure your system is compliant with the Windows XP SP3, or make sure your wireless network adapter maker has new drivers available that will support Windows XP SP3 before downloading them)
  • Uninstall your antivirus that is installed on your PC ( Caution, This approach could potentially make your PC more vulnerable to attack by viruses or malicious software. We may not suggest this solution, but we include this knowledge so that at your discretion, you can incorporate this workaround. Under your own risk, use this workaround.
  • You need to backup all the files that you have to external memory.
  • Make sure that you’re login as the administrator (Admin access have unrestricted access to the OS of your PC)
  • If your computer is using battery power, plug it to avoid losing control in between the installation process.
  • If your computer has multiple accounts, make sure you logout.
  • End all open programs
  • Now you can go to Microsoft’s official website or search for “Download Windows Xp SP3.”

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