Need to share files between your devices? Don’t have any sharing apps on your PC? Installing Xender will solve your problem.

Sharing data between devices is a must-have necessity since the computer era. Earlier, you needed a removable drive for transferring files. Bluetooth paved the way for wireless transmission for feature phones. Later, with the popularity of smartphones, different data transfer apps came into play. One such app is Xender. I remember I installed Xender on my first smartphone for sharing purposes. It got pretty easy for sharing data whatever it is – be it an image, video, audio, files, etc. Users could send multiple files without any restrictions. 

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Xender is a cross-platform data transfer app that used to send and receive files between different devices – phones or desktops. Multiple platforms support Xender – Android phones, iOS, PC, Mac, Windows phones. Xender was released in 2011 by Beijing AnQi ZhiLian Inc. based in China.  

Features of Xender 

1. Simple and fast 

Xender is a fast and straightforward app. It has a friendly and straightforward user interface which makes it relatively easy to handle. The app claims to have a transfer speed up to 300 times faster than Bluetooth. It operates wirelessly and does not need any wired accessories like USB. 

2. No internet needed.

Xender works wirelessly but does not need any internet connection to transfer. Nor does it incur any data charges. The nearby devices will only need to connect to your local Wi-Fi. It is undoubtedly a huge bonus. 

3. Can transfer all file formats

The app can transfer all types of file formats, including images, videos, audios, documents etc. It does not restrict anyway regarding the file formats. It can share large sizes of files indicating that it offers unlimited file size. 

Also, this app can share an unlimited number of files, thus enabling the user to transfer multiple files in one go. Thus it will save a lot of time and energy.

Xender app alternatives in India: files by google, superbeam, jioswitch,  shareall and send anywhere apps
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4. In-app audio and video player

Another noticeable feature of Xender is that it has an integrated audio and video player in the app. It is undoubtedly a great feature since it will save time in ensuring if the right file is selected or not. You won’t need to by heart the details of the file nor need to jump to another app to confirm the correct file. 

5. Available in multiple languages.

The app supports multiple languages. It is said to support around 30 languages making it simple for the user. 

How to install Xender on PC?

Xender is an app that has 500 million+ downloads.

Multiple platforms support Xender. Therefore, it is available on Windows Store.

  • Go to the Windows Store.
  • Search for Xender and click on the Get button. 

Also, you can download the Android version using an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

  • Go to the official site of the emulator and install it.  
  • After launching it, sign in using your Google account.
  • Search for Xender and install.

Besides, you can use Xender for web also available at http:/ This way you don’t have to download anything, instead can share directly from your smartphone or tablet and gain access to PC. 


Download for Windows

Xender is a free simple data sharing app that can share unlimited files in any format without any hassle. 

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