Chrome Cleanup Tool is a free and unique Windows program that comes in the category of productivity software. This tool aims to find unwanted or suspicious programs and removes them from the windows PC. It scans and then ultimately removes the software that might cause problems with the chrome browser like unexpected ads, crashes, unusual toolbar or start-up pages, or any other issues that cause a hindrance in the smooth browsing experience. The significant part is that it works for all browsers.

FULL NAME:Chrome Cleanup Tool

This is a portable application, and after it scans the system and running processes, it displays the malicious items. If the tool doesn’t find anything suspicious or malware, it offers the option of disabling all add-ons, extensions, and themes. It is effortless to use; the user has to download it and then double click on it. Voila! So easy! After the successful installation, the tool shows the various malicious programs and then asks the user permission to delete them. 

If you feel that your google chrome is running slow or causing CPU or disk issues, then, in that case, you might have unwanted software or malware activity on your PC. For this type of situation Chrome Cleanup is the ultimate choice. It is a must for all PC users, and it’s completely safe and secure.

Critical features of Chrome Cleanup Tool

  • Quickly detect and remove the malware

As soon as the user starts Google Chrome, Chrome Cleanup Tool also starts running. It continuously scans everything that can cause any interference. And any suspicious thing that the tool finds, the user can remove it with just one click.

  • A continuous scan of the malware

There is always the threat of hackers who want to rob the users of their personal information, so it’s good to have this tool. Any program installed changes Chrome’s settings without the users’ knowledge; then, they can reset it right away.

  • Compatible with other browsers

It’s not that this tool only works with Chrome. That is not the case. The user can run this tool with any browser and take the benefits of its features. 

How to Download and Install Chrome Cleanup Tool

  1. The first step is to open your preferred internet browser and download the Chrome Cleanup Tool installation file. Always download and install programs from trusted and reputable websites.
  2. If asked, click on “Save” or “Save as” to download the programs. If you click “Save,” the file gets saved in the Downloads folder; if you choose “Save as,” it’s up to where you want to keep it.
  1. After downloading, double-click the .exe file to complete the installation process.
  2. Now, follow the installation instruction that comes up on the screen, and accept the license agreement.
  3. Now you have to wait until the installation process gets finished. The Chrome Cleanup icon will appear on the desktop.
  4. To run the program, click on the icon. And you are ready to go!

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