Are you familiar with remote connections? A remote connection allows one computer to access the data on another computer.  The typical user can use remote connections to connect their office to their home PC or vice versa. But for large organizations, remote desktop connections are critical, as in some companies, and all data are accessed from a central server.  So, organizations like this need an easy-to-use tool for plugging into remote connections.

Download for Windows

It is an open-source, multi-protocol, tabbed remote connections manager for Windows PC. mRemoteNG adds new features and bug fixes to mRemote. The application allows the users to view the remote connections in a powerful tabbed interface. Whether for personal uses like sharing videos over Wi-Fi or mRemoteNG is excellent for both use cases. Whether an individual user is trying to share videos over the Wi-Fi or an IT professional working to keep critical systems operational, the tool meets all the demands and needs. This tool provides functions that are beyond that of a simple remote connections manager.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2019, Windows 2016, Windows 2012 R2
  • Microsoft Terminal Service Client 6.0 or later
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Citra ICA Client

Key Features of mRemoteNG 

  1. Automatic VPN connection

The application supports multiple VPN types, like Cisco VPN, Microsoft VPN, TheGreenBow VPN, and SonicWall VPN. The application also provides an exclusive list of VPNs such as Shrew Soft VPN, OpenVPN, and many more. 

  1. Grouping sessions in folders

The tool lets the users organize sessions in groups or folders to make the management more straightforward. The users can view all sessions within selected subgroups and groups, and with the help of a search filter, can find the specific group. 

Download for Windows
  1. Quick connect with template support

With the use of this feature, the users can quickly access a remote machine address.

  1. Quick access through Tray Icon context menu

With this feature, the user can easily access and manage the connections, change the active data source, and view open sessions. 

  1. Online backup service 

The Online Backup Service is only available through subscription. It allows the users to spontaneously save their sessions and restore them to avoid problems in safe online storage space.

How to Download and Install mRemoteNG

  1. First, open your favored Web browser; you can use any browser, whether it’s Firefox, Chrome, or others. 
  2. Download the mRemoteNG installation file from the verified and trusted website. Always go for the official site that is the safest option.
  3. Save the downloaded file and select ‘Save’ or ‘Save as’ to download the program. 
  4. After downloading mRemoteNG, click the .exe file twice to run the installation process.
Download for Windows
  1. After that, you have to follow the windows installation instruction that appears on the screen until finish.
  2. Now, the mRemoteNG is successfully installed, and you can see the icon on your desktop. Click on the icon to run the application into your PC.

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