Is there a way to balance the volume of all of your MP3s to make them equal? Do you want to avoid adjusting the volume whenever you play a different file on your system? Then MP3Gain is the application that you should go for. After changing the magnitude of the mp3 files, you can play them at a similar volume. There is no need to regulate the volume. 

MP3Gain functions differently from similar programs; instead of the highest normalization, the application assesses the sound volume and how loud it will be for the people. Plus, the tool merely adjusted the file; it does not reencode or decode the MP3 file. The application also prevents the loss of quality. MP3Gain also discretely stores the analytical information for later consideration. It saves the users time as they don’t have to run the analysis on the same file twice.


In conclusion, we can say that this tool is designed to normalize or increase the volume of sound. Without degrading the quality, it automatically normalizes the magnitude of audio files and increases the uniform volume.

Key Features MP3Gain

  1. Easy and straightforward volume adjustment

MP3Gain is an easy and straightforward tool to use that can virtually fulfill anything related to Mp3 sound volume. This tool’s fantastic feature is that the user can tweak the volume of various Mp3 files at once. So, for people who have an extensive collection of MP3 songs that they want to adjust, this application is perfect. 

  • Adjust the volume

The primary function of the application is to make the volume of MP3 sound uniform. The software also decreases the sound that is too high and increases the magnitude for the MP3 songs with low sound. This way, the users can listen to the music at equal volume.

  • Changes without distortion

Situations may happen where a file gets damaged or becomes unusable, but with this application’s help, the songs will not be affected.

  • Completely free

The users can use all the features of this application that are too free of cost. They don’t have to shed a penny. 

How to Download and Install MP3Gain

It is always suggested that you should download and install programs only from trusted websites and publishers.

  1. First, open your Web browser and download the MP3Gain installation file from the trusted link.
  2. Now, select “Save” or “Save as” to download the application. At this point, your antivirus will scan the file for any viruses.  
  3. After the downloading MP3Gain gets completed, click the .exe file twice to run the installation process.
  4. After that follow the windows installation instruction that appears on the screen until finished
  5. Lastly, the MP3Gain icon will appear on your desktop and click on the icon to run the application.
  6. Your application is now ready. Enjoy your music!

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