Microsoft office word viewer is an application that is developed by Microsoft Corporation. This application is widely used over all kinds of digital devices for various uses. It helps users to gain access to files. It also allows users to view, edit, print, copy, and various other functions. Microsoft office word viewer applications can be used by all kinds of people under different occupations and job prospects.

FULL NAME:Word Viewer

From a student in a certain school to a working adult in a multinational company, this application made a lot of work easy and accessible. The file’s properties can be accessed that will display the statistics and authorship information of the particular document. The user can edit the document that is being viewed through Microsoft office word viewer and further can be printed or pasted to another application. Microsoft office word viewer is completely free of cost unlike many other document viewing applications in the market. It has a very basic and simple user interface. It can also support DOCX files with the help of a converter.

Features of Word Viewer :

Easy to use:

Microsoft office word viewer is one of the largest used applications by all generations. It is very easy to use and highly accessible to everyone. The application itself is free of cost and available for all kinds of digital devices. The user can easily edit, print, copy, paste, view documents without the need of another document viewer.

Microsoft Office Word Viewer - Download

Simple interface:

Microsoft Office Word viewer has a very simple and basic user interface. It’s easy to view all the components of the viewer and has simple navigation. All the controls are very basic to use and the application can be used by anyone without any special skills.

How to download Word viewer on PC?

1.  Open your desired web browser and search Microsoft office word viewer.

2.   Go to the official site and download the downloadable link from the site.

3.  Select save or save as to download the software.

4.  After the download of the Microsoft office word viewer is completed, click the .exe file for the installation process to start.

5.  After the installation of the word viewer follows the windows installation instructions.

6.  After pressing the finish the Microsoft office word viewer icon will appear on the desktop.

7.  The application can also be downloaded from many other trustable sources.

How can you download it to your Mac?

1.  First, go to your browser and search for Microsoft office word viewer. Open the page from where you can download the zip file of the app which will be downloaded in the downloads section on your laptop. An installer will be displayed on your screen. From the installer, save the file to your Mac.

2.  Extract the files from the zip folder into another location on the laptop. After the successful extraction of the file find the file name with the extension ‘.exe’. Run the .exe file.

3.  The next step would be to confirm the settings. Before starting with the installation process, you need to confirm with the help of clicking on the yes button. Once you click on the yes button, the settings will get downloaded on your Mac.

4. After running the file, the Microsoft office word viewer will automatically get downloaded into the system and will be ready to run.

5.    The application can also be downloaded through many other trustable sources.

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