Kirby: Squeak Squad is a video game in the Kirby series released in 2006 (In North America and Japan) and 2007 (In Europe and Australia) for the Nintendo DS video game console. The platform game was developed by Flagship and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo.

FULL NAME:Kirby: Squeak Squad
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The game storyline revolves around Kirby in Dream Land. Kirby, the character is very fond of cakes and when his cake suddenly vanished from the box Kirby sets out on an adventure to find his cake. Kirby soon finds out that his cake was stolen by the Squeaks who are a famous group of mice. He follows these robbers all around the dreamland to get his cake back from them.

Just like in other Kirby series, Kirby: Squeak Squad also allows Kirby to copy all of the abilities of his enemies by swallowing them. The main objective of the platform game is to battle the enemies and destroy them and help win Kirby. Players have to play to reach the treasure that is the cake Kirby loves in the game. Some of the abilities that Kirby can inhale are the ice ability to freeze the water or lava to get across, to burn anything with Fire ability, or using cut ability to cut down grass. These abilities are very useful for Kirby to defeat the robber squeaks and other enemies.

Features of Kirby: Squeak Squad are as follows:

Ability scrolls:

Kirby: Squeak Squad introduces a new feature in the game that is the Ability Scrolls. This feature can help the player to power up any Ability that Kirby has like when the ability scroll is used on the hammer it doubles its size and becomes more effective. The spark ability can be released like the Plasma Wave by using ability scrolls. 

Mixing abilities:

Players can combine the abilities using Mix. To Mix the abilities together player have to drag the ability over another and the two get mixed if they are compatible with each other.

Kirby: Squeak Squad - Sometimes there are rats | by Bobby Schroeder | Medium
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Treasure chests:

Every level in the game contains at least one Treasure Chest. The player needs to collect all the chests to win the game. These chests include keys that are needed to unlock secret levels or some even can change Kirby’s color, whereas some chests include jigsaw puzzles. When the player completes a level he is rewarded with the chests.


To obtain the larger Kirby has to complete the mini-challenge. In this challenge, Kirby has to battle with a member of the Squeaks. 

Sub games:

Kirby: Squeak Squad features three sub-games for the gamers that are based on the Squeaks: Smash Ride, Speedy Teatime, and Treasure Shot.

To download Kirby: Squeak Squad on pc you have to follow the following steps:

Download for Windows
  1. To play this game you need to have a Nintendo- DS emulator installed. 
  2. First, check if you have it installed. If not, install the Nintendo DS emulators.
  3. First, download the ROM for NDS on the ROM download site.
  4. Further Check for the system requirements and operating system on your pc.
  5. Go to the official Nintendo site and search for the link to download the Kirby: Squeak Squad 
  6. Get the compact download launcher.
  7. Click on the link or download the game button to start downloading the file.
  8. Once the file is downloaded, locate it in your folder 
  9. Finally, click on the launch button to install your desired game.

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