Twitch Sings is an app that offers live singing, karaoke, and multiplayer modes. It is a never-ending live streaming vocal performance app that consists of amazing watchable singers and active audience. It is a free pc app. The app consists of a music library that includes thousands of various different tracks for you to listen and use freely. Twitch sings also offers many challenges for a better and more interactive audience and user experience. It presents with an impressive number of outfits and hair options for your avatar to try on and showcase your audience. You can choose the venue according to the mood of your song to get more people attracted to you. It includes open mic sessions and gives the user a chance to perform duets with our friends and other users around the world.

FULL NAME:Twitch Sings

Features of Twitch Sings:

1.  Lyric guide:

Twitch sings includes the option to get lyrics of the chosen song to make it much easier for the user. If you forget the lyrics while singing? No problem enabling the lyric option and continuing the song. It also has the facility to remind you of the tune of the song. Many songs have it automatically added into the library.

2.  Challenges and duets:

Twitch sings updates with numerous numbers of challenges for the user to choose and perform accordingly. It also gives the opportunity to perform with friends and duets with users all over the world. Open mic is another feature this app has to offer. It has an open mic tab that updates regularly showcasing singers performing in open mic.

Karaoke game Twitch Sings will shut down at the end of the year - The Verge

3.  Filter your songs:

It allows you to sort and filter songs from the music library as per your choice and make it much more effortless to choose songs. You can filter the desired songs under different categories like decade, mood, artists, genre and many more. Choosing the correct song takes up a lot of time but by sorting and filtering the songs the tedious task becomes much more simple.

How can you download Twitch sings on your PC?

  1. To download the app on windows(7,8,10), open Twitch sings download page and download from the given link.
  2. After downloading the apk go to the .exe file, run the .exe file on your pc and wait for the installation process to complete on your pc. The download will be automatic.
  3. Twitch sings will be downloaded and the icon regarding the app will show up on the desktop from where it is easily accessible.

How can you download it to your Mac?

  1. First, go to the Twitch sings download page from where you can download the zip file of the app which will be downloaded in the downloads section on your laptop. An installer will be displayed on your screen. From the installer, save the file to your Mac. 
  2. Extract the files from the zip folder into another location on the laptop. After the successful extraction of the file find the file name with the extension ‘.exe’. Run the .exe file.
  3. The next step would be to confirm the settings. Before starting with the installation process, you need to confirm with the help of clicking on the yes button. Once you click on the yes button, the settings will get downloaded on your Mac. 

4.  After running the file, Twitch sings will automatically get downloaded into the system and will be ready to run. 

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