We are in a digital era where almost all the paper works or office works are done online or via software. Gone are the days when employees were manually updating documents through the pile of papers in their office tables. Even schools and universities are doing the same; mostly when the global pandemic Covid-19 occurred, it forced all school-related materials, test questionnaires, and grade sheets to transition digitally. If you wonder what kind of software they use, or is there an existing software that does all of the things mentioned above? The answer is yes. You can execute all of the above items in Microsoft office. 

FULL NAME:Microsoft Office 2007

About Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a family of Microsoft-developed client applications, server software and services. It was first announced at COMDEX in Las Vegas by Bill Gates on August 1, 1988. The first edition of Office includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. It was initially a marketing concept for an office suite (a packaged range of productivity applications). 

Over the years, it evolved considerably fast with its shared features such as a standard spell checker, OLE data integration and Visual Basic for Applications scripting language. Microsoft is now positioning Office under the Office Enterprise Apps name as a production tool for line-of-business tech. On July 10, 2012, Softpedia announced that over a billion people worldwide were already using Microsoft Office. 

The List of Software inside the whole Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word: If talking about Microsoft Office, this is the first application that comes to mind, since this app is the most popular among all the MS Office applications. MS Word is used primarily for the development of any written documents.

Microsoft Excel: This is a handy software for data storage and organization, but also for engineering calculations or any calculations since this gives users the function of adding formulas to the spreadsheet that you will be creating. 

Microsoft PowerPoint: This is the primary Microsoft software for school and office presentation development.

Microsoft Outlook: This is a Microsoft email client that you can use to handle addresses, schedules, lists, and contacts.

Microsoft OneDrive: a cloud framework for online storage of data

Microsoft OneNote: its purpose is to organize the collected material, such as handwritten notes, sketches, screenshots, audio clips, and more.

Microsoft Publisher: This is a more specialized app that businesses use to produce publications, posters, flyers, menus

Microsoft Access: This software’s purpose is to collect and analyze data from networks or devices.

Best Features of Microsoft Office

Smart Lookup

The Smart Lookup function helps you to search for a word directly from inside your Microsoft word document, saving you a lot of time from opening a web page or a dictionary. You will already be back to your writing in no time. You need to highlight the title, right-click, and select “Smart Lookup” to use this tool.

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Cross-Device Compatibility

When collaborating on work, you must have good cross-device support by integrating them equally with one another. Microsoft has worked hard to ensure a seamless transition between platforms and applications. This ensures that you can be sure they are all on the same page, no matter which platform and app you are using.

It is easy to see why Microsoft program has incorporated into almost every organization with all these new features. These new features allow you to increase your work productivity, whether it means collaborating in real-time or screen-sharing an Excel payroll spreadsheet via Skype. You have access to enough support and videos to help you acclimate to these new features.

Skype Integration

Microsoft has even incorporated Skype into Word and Excel, which ensures that all team members working on a collaborative document can have all of Skype’s features at their fingertips. Right from either the Word Document or Excel Spreadsheet, you can now call, email, or screen share. This feature allows team members the ability to connect quickly, without having to leave their job, which saves you crucial time. You waste precious time and put a dent in your workflow any time you have to stop working to save the spreadsheet, share the paper, and schedule a meeting. Integration with Skype enables you to continue to function without interruption.


Data only matters if you can properly utilize it. The one-click forecasting is a new function for Excel that helps in making sure that you’re using all of the data you’ve gathered. This function allows users to display fast predictions based on selected parts of the Excel spreadsheet that are made possible by the Exponential Smoothing algorithm from Microsoft. Based on the collective data inside the spreadsheet, this algorithm provides simple short-term forecasts.

Outlook Groups

Outlook has a new feature called Groups, which provides a fast and efficient way for users to function as a team without distribution of lists pre-created. You can now build a community of your peers or colleagues, giving your shared inbox, calendar, file repository, and OneNote’s notes to this new group. This feature is hugely beneficial for task management and file sharing while operating in teams.

Installation Requirements of Microsoft Office 2007

For you to install the Microsoft Office 2007 in your respective PCs, the first step has the MS Office 2007 CD. 

Installing Office 2007 on PC 

  1. Insert your CD of the Microsoft Office 2007 in the drive. Navigate to the CD drive if the setup wizard doesn’t start immediately, and press SETUP.EXE.
  2. When prompted by the software, enter the product key.
  3. You can find the product key of the Office on the CD’s sticker or its packaging.
  4. Read Microsoft’s User Terms and agreements and click Continue.
  5. Follow the installation process.
  6. Once you have completed the installation process, click the close button.
  7. Activate the Office to make the Office work entirely.

How to activate your Microsoft Office 2007

  • Click the MS Office Button > Options> Activate Microsoft Office.

To activate from all other Office products.

  •  Click Help > Activate Product

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