The fallout series is known for its open-world role-playing gaming scenario, which does
make a difference and ensures that players do enjoy the futuristic atmosphere of the
game. New Vegas is no different with its rustic feel and atmosphere that foes make it quite futuristic indeed.

The game revolves around your playable character that is a courier person delivering goods from one place to another. But then one fine day, a robber robs him of the goods and has to hunt the robbers down.

The entire setup is after the war between the USA and China, which did end the city of Las Vegas in a bit of turmoil. Throughout this journey, as a player, you have to deal with so many battle scenes, slow and steady build-up of the storyline, and much more. Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda Softworks developed the game back in 2010 for several platforms. These platforms include PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Mod Organizer two Fallout New Vegas
Mod Organizer two Fallout New Vegas

Mod Organizer 2 for Fallout New Vegas

As the name suggests, the mod organizer helps in the effective organizing of the mods for the game in a suitable manner. It helps in the collection of mods of any size and ensure that players have a smooth and peaceful mod collection. The user makes sure that each mod is working just fine and other updates are available automatically if there were any problems to the mod of the game.
Though it’s the second iteration, it still allows users to test out their mods and see where
the user can change things. Making the installing and uninstalling part quite simple and easy.

There are few key features of the mod organizer which are available as follows:

  1. Complete support for Skyrim, new Vegas, fall out three and oblivion.
  2. Automatic self-updates
  3. Easy to install mods and order management of the same
  4. The mods are separated with no data being clustered here and there
  5. Drag and drop feature to help in the addition of mods into the game
  6. Change in language based on preference
  7. Complete help from the system
  8. Categorization of the mods made much better
  9. Saved game viewer
  10. Manual for those who require help in using the mod organizer

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