Scrolling through the internet and see annoying ads popup all the time? Well tried out all options available and still no effective solution?

Well, then I guess it’s time for applications to take over and provide an innovative solution to this everlasting problems. Meet Stop Ad; an innovative yet intriguing app that cleans out a browser page free of any ads or popups. 

FULL NAME:StopAd for Windows
Download for Windows

What is StopAd?

In modern time and age, webpages are filled with advertisements and popups. More than the content, you receive ads that often get to your nerve. Stop Ad helps in preventing all such popups, advertisements, and other unnecessary content to be eliminated to provide a smooth surfing experience. 

Stop Ad is your one-stop-shop solution to effectively prevent any type of marketing campaign from showing up on a web page. Thus, effectively creating a wholesome web surfing experience. 

A great feature of the applications is that they protect the user’s data and prevent ads from loading. In turn, making the pages load faster without the risk of any private information being leaked. 

Download for Windows

The application is available for both Mac and windows. While the trial version is free to use for three days, the professional version costs $8.75 for a month and $33 annually. The software works like a charm across all browsing platforms. 

Key Features of StopAd

  • Protection of Privacy

The application not only get rid of advertisements but also eliminates ad trackers from your browsers. It also stops any data trackers and invasive ads to prevent any leakage of data. 

  • Web Protection

The software also detects any malware and phishing that might pose a threat to your device. It effectively cleans out all the garbage from the website and provides a clean and filtered out webpage free of any dangers. 

  • Friendly User Interface

The overall application is simple to use and doesn’t have any learning curve that might require assistance. Simply choose the type of filter you need on webpages, and you’re good to go. 

How to Download and Install StopAd on PC

  • Download the installer

The downloader to install the application is free of charge. You can use it for three days before choosing a basic plan to continue an ad-free web surfing experience. The entire software is less than 2MB.  

  • Run it

Once the installer finishes downloading, run the installer and let the software install. Should be completed in no time. 

  • Enjoy Ad-free Web Surfing 

Adhere to all the settings in the type of filtering you require on web pages, and you are good to go. 

Download for Windows

How to Download and Install StopAd on Mac

  • Download the DMG file

The DMG file for Stop Ad is available on any third-party sites. A simple search for Stop Ad and you should be prompted with the installer for macOS. 

  • Open it

After the download finishes, open the file and copy the icon to the Applications folder. Double click the icon from the applications folder and install the software.  

  • Enjoy

Once the software finishes the installation, enjoy smooth web browsing free from any ads, popups, malware, phishing, etc. 

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