Microsoft Office Word is a professional word-pad tool used to insert texts and edit them whenever you want. Unlike the simple note pad or word-pad, Microsoft Word provides you with various features like using different templates, multiple file formats, an excellent user interface, and many more. And because all the other elements that Word let you use are nowhere present in a simple word-pad. 

One of the most important features is writing some documents for your office, college, or even your high school work and even using it to have your creativity noted down somewhere safe with you.

Word is the most important and highly professional Software acclaimed worldwide and used by billions all around to get help with daily work. Readout its features, and its downloading and installation process below to know the essential benefits on why you should be using it now. 

Download for Windows

Microsoft Word Features

Simple to Use: Despite being a Professional Software, Microsoft Word is simplified and easy to use. Billions around the world use it to write their thoughts into words. 

  • Spell Check: To make your document look more professional, MS Word gives you references of information, correcting grammar mistakes, and let you know the spelling mistakes.
  • Conversion: A document prepared on MS Word lets you smooth transitions into a PDF file and a PDF file to Word again.
  • Short-cuts: Microsoft Word also allows users to generate a command using a shortcut key, making the work simpler. Use “Control+B” to make letters Bold and “Control+I” to make them italic. It’s that simple.
  • The Word for Web: You can use Microsoft Word online through your one Drive Id. By logging under Microsoft allows you to access Word anywhere on chrome or any other browser without even applying on your Pc.

System Requirements 

So the basic system requirements for Word are below:

1- It requires a minimum of 4GB of Disk Space in your PC or Laptop.

2- It also requires a minimum of 10% of the hard disk to be free.

This is perhaps the only requirement as MS Word is a light software and doesn’t require too much space to store files. 

If you’re on PC with low RAM and ROM, it can certainly cause you to update it to newer versions.

Download for Windows

How to Download Microsoft Word for PC and Mac?

Microsoft Word is a paid software provided to the users by Microsoft under Microsoft 365. The document’s paid version includes all the newest features and comes with a useful guide to use it. Microsoft provides a variety of Softwares, such as PowerPoint, Excel, etc. Inside a package along with MS Word. 

But let’s say if you want to use it first before the Purchase?

For this, Microsoft provides you with a Free 30-day Trial period so that you can use it first, understand it, and then go on to purchase Office 365. 

Follow the following steps to take access to the free trial :

•Click on the Download button

• After you reach the website, Microsoft will ask you to sign in or log in to your existing account through the phone number or Email Id to remember your purchase of the free trial.

• After opening the website, watch out for Microsoft 365 and click on it.

• There is an option stating Free Trial. Just click on the Free Trial and go ahead as the site goes.

• But Remember one thing that Microsoft will ask you for your payment details and make auto-renewal after the free trial. So if you don’t want to use it after a month, cancel the subscription. 

So here’s how you can purchase the official Microsoft Word.

• Go on to any browser and search for

• After opening the website, watch out for Microsoft 365 and click on it.

• So there come the subscription plans for all the Microsoft’s Software’s that comes in the package.

The subscription plan comes of 5299 INR/ year with taxes included and six people to use it.

• click on Buy and Download. Make the payment, and Word is ready for you to use. 

The devices compatible with the subscription are PC’s, Laptops, and Mobile Phones. Also, it is offered for both Windows and Mac. 

So if you’re using a MacBook, then Windows is covering your system, and you can use it easily by just purchasing the subscription plan. 

Download for Windows

How to Install after Downloading Microsoft Word?

Installation steps for MacBook 

• Once the downloading is done, go to Finder on your Mac, open Downloads, and click on the downloaded .pkg file.

• On the first screen, select Continue to begin the installation process.

•Review the Software License Agreement thoroughly and click on Continue.

• Select Agree on the Terms and Agreement page and tick box it.

• Choose how you want to install Office and click on Continue

• Enter your Mac login password to access the downloaded file and click on Install the Software.

• The Software begins to Install. Click close when the Installation is Finished. 

Installation steps for Windows 

• Open Windows explorer on your PC and double click on the drive that contains the Downloaded Microsoft office file. If the setup process doesn’t start, then double click the Setup.exe file located inside the disc, which would work for you.

• Read the License agreement thoroughly and Accept it by clicking on the checkbox. Click the Customize button to configure the settings to install only Word and other Software to different folders.

• Now, Click on the Install button and select the disk drive you want to install; follow the other processes as it goes. 

And you’re done installing it. Now it’s the time to write out all your documents, Projects, Files, Office and College work, and what not to be done so quickly.

Thank you for Reading the whole process. We hope you gained some knowledgeable insight from this article. Leave below the comments or your problems so that we can include them in our next one.

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