This software is an open-source used by designers, artists, researchers, and hobbyists to work creatively with electronics and develop electronic projects.

Writing licensed as freeware for PC or Laptop Windows 32 bit or 64 bit OS. It’s within the architecture category CAD is out there for all software users.

Frizzing has become more important in teaching electronics at various schools and universities throughout Germany; we would be very grateful to keep on the event work on Fritzing to support this urgent need for education.

FULL NAME:Fritzing
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Fritzing is a simple to use design application. If you’re a designer or an engineer, then Fritzing. You need to know about It is a comprehensive and functional piece of software. It will help you create unique designs from scratch using design automation tools found during this software application. It is also an excellent program to assist you in finding out how to use PCBs and get efficiency with them.

In this TAB book, bestselling electronic author Simon Monk shows maker- entrepreneurs how to use Fritzing’s open-source software and services to create electronic prototypes, design, and manufacture printed circuit boards(PCBs). Interaction Design Lab at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany develops the Fritzing within the years 2007 – 2010. The event of Fritzing has founded the Ministry of Science, Research, and Culture within Brandenburg, Germany.

Key Features of Fritzing

Some of the key features of the Fritzing are explained below:

  • The Fritzing interface

Fritzing introduces a user-friendly interface for a fast and straightforward workflow.

Its environment sections include:

  • The project view
  • The Palette Windows
  • The part Creator

According to needs and preferences, the fritzing environment is often rearranged.

  • The Basic Workflow

A simple Fritzing workflow consists of the subsequent steps.

  • Building a true circuit
  • Rebuilding a circuit in Fritzing
  • Editing a circuit
  • Changing a part’s properties
  • Designing PCB
  • Documenting a project
  • PCB Production

A computer circuit board(PCB) made reception or during a small lab using DIY etching processes.PCB manufacturing services have also done PCB production. Fritzing allows you to design a PCB layout in both cases.

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  • The Fritzing Community

Invite you to be a part of our community of users to find out more about physical computing. Therefore we offer the following online features.

  • Forum
  • Contributing
  • Arduino, Processing, and Fritzing

Arduino followed the programming environment Processing model, and Fritzing chose an equivalent path, taking advantage of the already existing community. Processing, Arduino, and Fritzing run on all three major operating systems, heavily counting on the open-source idea. All of them share an orientation towards designers and artists as users.

Why Open-source 

Fritzing follows the ethics and principles of the open-source idea for several reasons. Offering complete transparency and involving the users within the process of creating software creates what people need and builds more robust software. Fritzing gives broad access to software that’s designed to empower people and move them to the position of independent producers.

Three Views of Fritzing 

The main challenge of the tool is to form complex technology usable by non-technologists. Fritzing was therefore designed to integrate seamlessly with a user’s current practice and carry the user through subsequent steps of the method. Fritzing had three alternative views on the circuit.

  • Breadboard view
  • Schematic view
  • PCB view
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Making Parts Simple

During this field, classic software forces users to settle on from an endless list of technical acronyms, which creates an enormous barrier to learning. Instead, Fritzing offers a visible bin containing a group of ‘archetypical’ parts. One part during a given family can represent any of the others so that the user picks ‘the’ resistor part, which may later be made more specific by chan

ging its properties.

System requirements of Fritzing 

For Windows 7/8/10:

The first requirement is you ought to have working windows 7, 8 or 10 OS. You will need to seem out for the memory requirements; a minimum of 2GB RAM is required. Both 32 bit and 64-bit processors are compatible with Fritzing. For Fritzing, not much space is required. No additional requirements are necessary for Fritzing. That’s all you’ll get to install Fritzing on your system successfully. 


The first requirement is you ought to have a working Mac OS X 10.12 OS. Next, you will need a minimum of 2GB of RAM is required. Both 32 bit and 64-bit processors are compatible with Fritzing. That’s all you’ll get to install Fritzing on your system successfully.

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