There are several choices for online backup services, and one of the most capable, innovative, and affordable is CrashPlan. Most of the online backup services only offer remote server storage. CrashPlan allows the users to securely use a local drive or any computer connected to the internet as a backup target. It also provides one of the simplest and smoothest interfaces, good security options, and unlimited storage plans that make CrashPlan one of the great cloud storage. 

CrashPlan is a data protection software for devices; it runs continuously in the background and always backs up new files. Whenever the existing file gets changed, or the users create a new file, the program adds the file to a “to do” list, and then they get backed up in the next programmed backup period. The users can custom the backup frequency. However, the continuous backup might result in many files, but, over time, CrashPlan deletes the older versions.

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In the beginning, this software stores all the files, but suppose there is a different version of the same file or the document remains at rest, then that gets deleted. CrashPlan gives priority to new files during the backup process. CrashPlan for Windows provides automatic, cross-platform, and secure online and local backup. There is no charge to back up locally and to friends and family, and it’s a few dollars a month for unlimited online backup.

In conclusion, CrashPlan is an innovative and excellent online backup service that gives unlimited storage plans, an excellent interface, and the ability to back up to internet-connected computers.

Operating System requirement:

Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Key Features of CrashPlan

  • Triple Destination Protection

With this software, the users can enjoy free backup to an internet-connected computer or an external drive. CrashPlan offers comprehensive protection.

  • Family-friendly

The subscription to this software is affordable and easy. It’s a convenient way to back up all the files. This family-friendly application is apt from a high school goer to a grandmother; anyone can benefit from it.

  • Stepped-up Security

It comes with 448-bit encryption and a private key option. This combination creates a virtually stable force field around the user’s data. The application ensures that the data centers comply with military-grade security standards.

  • Mobilized Files

Another reason to go for a subscription is the mobile version. The users, along with the digital file’s continual protection, can also enjoy access to files from anywhere.

  • Deleted File Protection

Well, there is a regret-free zone for those who accidentally delete the essential files. This zone keeps the file forever unless the user decides not to.

  • Restore and Recovery

The software provides the most comfortable and quickest way to recover the files after a data loss. The users receive a hard drive loaded with their data. This helps users to restore files locally in just a few hours.

How to Download and Install CrashPlan

  1. The first step is to open a Web browser; you can use any browser that you have.
  2. The next step is to download the CrashPlan installation file from the verified or trusted website. 
  1. Now, select Save or Save to download the program.
  2. After completing the CrashPlan’s downloading, click on the .exe file two times to run the installation process.
  3. On the screen, you will see the windows installation instructions; follow them until finished.
  4. The CrashPlan is downloaded and installed, and an icon will appear on your Desktop.
  5. To run the application, click on the icon, and you are ready to go.

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