Virtual private network abbreviated as VPN is a must-have in this vulnerable data security time. Data is one of the most significant possession you have in today’s time. Just like your properties and pieces of jewelry being kept locked and guarded, you would need your data to be locked and guarded too.

A VPN would help you with this. There are so many VPN apps on the app market, and we are looking into EUT VPN through this article. Let’s see how we can download the app onto our PC.


EUT VPN is a free proxy service app. Based in the Philippines, Share Hub developed and published the EUT VPN app in the tools category. It has earned more than one million downloads on Google Play Store.

It is a small-sized app with only 18 MB size, and it requires an Android operating system of 4.1 or above. This app has got some optional in-app purchases that cost $1.99- $11.99 per item. 

Features of EUT VPN APP

1. User Interface 

This VPN is easy to use without needing you to create an account on it. You can simply open the app and start browsing freely.

The EUT VPN app permits you to choose which apps to include and exclude from VPN security. 

The app hides your real IP address so that you do not have to compensate your identity to the tracking agencies. Your privacy is kept intact by the app; you need not worry anymore about using public Wi-Fi.

2. Servers

There are 50 – 100 servers for this proxy app. There are a variety of server levels, such as bronze, silver, gold, and gaming. There are private servers to provide you with more secrecy without compromising your identity a bit at all. There are also Pro servers that can handle your traffic in a way more professional.

The app provides real-time server status to its users to make it easy for them to choose the server they want.

3. Troubleshooting

The app allows its users to troubleshoot common errors and fix them. 

4. Resources

You can import servers on the air. There are also enormous resources on this app. You can even dodge Netflix security to stream and watch immense video content. The app supports SSL encryption. Also, it allows users to use custom payloads.

5. Unlimited 

The app provides everything unlimited. You can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed, and unlimited time.

How to Install the EUT VPN app on PC?

To install the EUT VPN app on Windows or Mac, you need an Android emulator like BlueStacks App Player or Nox.

  • Go to the official website of the Android emulator you choose and install it.
  • Launch the emulator and sign in.
  • Search for the EUT VPN app and install it.


EUT VPN is a highly rated proxy service that gives exceptionally safe connections between private networks linked through the Internet.

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