Windows 98 is one of the oldest and the world’s most sophisticated operating system that provided all the important functionalities while ensuring ease of access where users were not required to write commands to execute an action. The Operating System was a huge success and most importantly appeared at the time of the emergence of computers and a time when the computer was being popularised. The operating system was used all over the world and was the only dominant one even much more popular than Mac that had been existing for 10 years before that.

FULL NAME:Windows 98 ISO

In this article we shall help you download one of the most famous operating systems by Microsoft to your PC and that is Windows 98. We shall help you download the ISO or the disc image file for the same which is a great way of keeping the organized files at a place and use it as a replacement for an optical CD. You basically mount it as a driver to extract information from it and it works exactly how a CD would.

Let’s dive into it!

Features of Windows 98

Simple to Use

The layout is very straight forward and the setting changes are also limited. So, it is easier to use this operating system.

Contains all the Microsoft Packages

Microsoft packages are very important and their flagship software such as the MS Office is important to all which come along with the operating system that is equally beneficial for working professionals as well as kids who like a painting.

Windows 98 ISO
Windows 98 ISO

Low System Requirements

The hardware requirements for Windows 98 is very low and even lower than Windows XP. It could even fall into the category of ancient OS that helped significantly in the computer revolution. Hence, you will not have to modify your computer hardware to match the installation requirements.

Not the Most Suited OS

This OS is obsolete and is hardly relevant today because of the limited functionalities compared to the needs of the present world.

How to Download Windows 98 ISO file

  1. Search for Windows 98 ISO file.
  2. You need to be careful in selecting the ISO file that you choose because there are many versions of the OS available online.
  3. Try looking for the full version of the OS.
  4. Download the same wherever you want.
  5. That’s it! Your new OS has been downloaded.

How to Install Windows 98 ISO file

  1. Mount the ISO file which shall be shown as a drive on your computer.
  2. Open this drive and run the setup.
  3. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure correct and smooth installation.
  4. Change the necessary settings as required if you are dual booting a system.
  5. The OS would be installed.

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