SopCast is a popular program for watching sports and television on PC. Several years of development has made it one of the best applications. SopCast gives you good picture quality. You can watch live TV on the android version of SopCast.

The Mobile version of SopCast channels is loosely grouped into categories, so you will have to do a lot of scrolling. SopCast has an easy way to broadcast. It’s a free site to watch videos and listen to audios. It’s very efficient and easy to use by adopting P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology.

Without the costs of a powerful server and vast bandwidth, you can become a broadcaster. With minimal resources, you can build your TV stations. You can serve 10,000 online users using SopCast.

It would help if you had a personal computer and a broadband connection. SopCast is a direct Broadcasting Corporation System based on P2P Sop technology.


Key Features

  • Latest P2P engineering. By accessing the stream, it can share data among the users. It increases stability and availability.
  • Minimum buffering between 11-29 seconds, minimal delays.
  • Supports industry-standard streaming media files such as- asf, WMV, Rm, Rmvb, mp3, etc.
  • Low usage of memory footprint and CPU.
  • You can use the standard channel address and click and play.
  • Monitoring and analyzing stream source quality and network stability to help viewers select an optimal channel.
  • Ability to implant the player on software programs or websites.
  • SopCast is freeware and does not have adware or spyware.
  • Immediately record clips while you watch.
  • Works on the real player, windows media player, VLC, etc.
  • Broadcasters and viewers have authentication support. Broadcasters have the right to control it’s a channel.
  • Over 90% of high penetration rates of P2P barriers.
  • Many real-time streams and support for other stream transport protocols (STP) are available.
  • Node to node security offers encrypted messaging and high-level P2P security.
  • Broadcast multiple channels (5-9 channels/broadcast per PC) with the same server.
SopCast 4.2.0 - Download

How to Download and Install SopCast on PC

  1. Open your favourite browser, for, e.g., safari.
  2. Download the SopCast installation file from a trusted link.
  3. To download the program, select ‘Save’ or ‘Save as.’ Antivirus programs like windows defender will scan the program for viruses during download. If you click Save, the program file is saved in your ‘downloads’ folder. Or, if you click Save As, you can select where to save the file.
  4. When downloading is complete, double click on the .exe file to run the installation process.
  5. Follow the windows installation instruction until finished.
  6. SopCast icon will appear on your PC.
  7. Click on the SopCast icon to run the application on your PC/Laptop.

How to Download and Install SopCast on Mac

  1. Use the wine app to install SopCast on your Mac. Make sure to have a VLC player on your system.
  2. First, make an account on SopCast. Both free and paid services are available. As the program opens on the screen, click on options, and choose an external player.
  3. Browse the executable file of VLC, which is usually under Utilities. Select VLC and accept the changes.
  4. Exit SopCast and open it again. Then log in and open a channel.
  5. Start the VLC player to make sure both the programs are open. Make sure to note the address of the SopCast address bar. You can use the bar to watch the new channel by just entering the address.
  6. Go to the File menu on VLC and click on an open network. You can paste this link to watch the videos.

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