After big applications and software like Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, VPNs are the most searched applications in the world. 

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VPN, which means Virtual Private Network is one of the second-highest non-branded search terms behind games. The most popular applications have amassed thousands of millions of installs between them. 

However, there seems to be very little attention paid to the companies behind them, and most importantly, minimal scrutiny is done on behalf of the marketplaces which choose to host them.

But privacy comes first when we opt to use a VPN. We trust the VPN network, but we always get confused in choosing the best and good VPNs for our use. 

Thunder VPN is one such application that gives us a free virtual private network. So let us dig out more information related to Thunder VPN.

What is Thunder VPN?

As mentioned above, Thunder VPN is a free virtual private network. The application can encrypt the user’s connection making it difficult for the third party users to detect the user’s online activities.

This is a useful application for people out there who are interested in online security and privacy mostly.

For using the Thunder VPN, you do not need any specific setting or signup details. The application is not restricted in any way.

Instructions on downloading Thunder VPN

Step 1: Make sure you have sufficient space in your pc before downloading the Blustacks Emulator. It enhances the smooth download and installation of the software.

Step 2: Download Bluestacks emulator and after completion of the installation process, search for Thunder VPN application in the Google Play store.

Step 3: After finding the Thunder VPN, download and install the application which is, however automatic for play store as long as the download button is clicked.

Step 4: Wait for the installation process to finish, and it may take time depending on the type of system being used. After the completion of the installation process, you are all completely ready to use Thunder VPN on your device.

Download Thunder VPN - A Fast , Unlimited, Free VPN Proxy on PC with MEmu
Download for Windows

Other Important features related to Thunder VPN

  • Thunder VPN allows up to 5 devices providing fast and highly encrypted connections.
  • It gives you the premium VPN features for free. It encrypts your private data, hides your IP, blocks ads and malware, gives unlimited traffic, provides personal static IP and many more.
  • It offers split tunnelling, which means you can use your standard connection for some websites, and VPN connection for others. This feature is only seen in highly-priced VPN services.
  • It has a decent connection speed, does not require registration to use, has impressive security features, IP protection, and contains no ads.
  • It also offers 2GB of free data every month. Not nearly enough, though, but still says something about their customer loyalty. You can chat them up 24/7 too.
  • Not only this but also the Thunder VPN contains DNS and IP leak protection for more security. 


Download for Windows

Thunder VPN is one of the reliable VPNs of all time. Allowing a large number of servers with high-speed bandwidth makes Thunder VPN worth using.  

You might want to run such an application on your PC. So, follow our article and share your views with us in the comment section.

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