In today’s modern times, we see that everything is connected. We can see for ourselves as smartphones are getting thinner day by day and gaining intelligence and speed, and the same goes for laptops. But for a laptop, this means sacrificing some of the components, which means the optical disk drive. These days the disk is considered inactive.


Developed by Pete Batard, the main focus and foremost reason for creating this software are that DVDs are becoming increasingly unpopular even though the information they contain is essential, and USB is taking its place. These days’ computers do not have an optical disk drive. No one uses the disc to install specific software. And all of this is possible now thanks to a flash drive and bootable USB creators like Rufus. USB flash drives can be quickly built using free software, packed with resources called Rufus. 

It is twice as fast as other software. At a recording time of three minutes and twenty-five seconds, it can format and create a bootable flash drive. The tool supports GPT as well as the UEFI boot system; though small in size full of unique features. This software, therefore, serves as a tool to make a bootable USB drive that converts them into CDs containing essential installation software. The software is designed for Windows, but with the help of this software, it can quickly create an ISO file for Mac and Linux installation and other operating systems. During the installation of the ISO file, it redesigns your device, so it may be advisable for users to store all vital information elsewhere.


  • Open Source: – Software is open-source software free to modify and distribute and may sell the software under the General Public License. Users and developers can easily view source and documentation.
  • USB launch: – It’s easy to create a bootable drive using Rufus. The user-interface gives you all the necessary options for creating an ISO file. This software is for Windows only, so if you are a MAC user, this software is useless to you.
  • Safe: – The software is very secure and cannot erase or damage any data on your hard drive. The software requires permission to save and modify the Registry keys. This process is very safe and sound because it restores them to their original state after the work is completed.
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  • Support: – Software supports various bootable files, including .iso files and raw disk images (including compressed once). Allow the installation of MS-DOS or Free-DOS on a flash drive and the formation of Windows bootable media on a flash drive. Various flash drive types are also supported by this software, which includes: – FAT, FAT32, exFAT, UDF, ReFS file system, and NTFS.
  • Computer Counting: – Software allows calculation of MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 hashes of the currently selected image.


Downloading the software is very easy and is a two-step process as described below:

STEP 1: Downloading the software:

– You must open the official Rufus website with your search engine and download the software by navigating the site with the required download link.

– Once you have found the right download link click on it to start downloading the Windows Rufus installer.

STEP 2: Install and run:

– Follow the instructions specified to complete the installation successfully.

– Click Finish to complete the installation.

– Double-click on a .exe file on the desktop or where you installed the app.

– Now, your system will work.

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