We are living in a digital world. Mobile phones are our world, and the various apps in it are like an ecosystem. These apps make the phone excellent and exciting place. We can order food, clothes, medicines, grocery, cutlery, and what not with a single tap. All we need is an appropriate app for carrying out these activities. Thousands of apps are available on different sites, which can be downloaded into our phones for free.

FULL NAME:4ukey iPhone Unlocker

These apps can be kept secure by adding a passcode to it. Not just the apps, but our phone as a whole has a lock screen. The lock screen can be secured by a passcode, which prevents unauthorized access to our phone’s private messages, pictures, documents, or financial and health-related information. Thus, it acts as a gatekeeper, which protects our phone’s privacy at all costs. 

But with the fast-paced life that we live in, do we have the capacity to remember different passcodes for different apps? Not everybody has a photographic memory. We often forget things, and the passcode is one of them. The iPhone’s security lock is very efficient. But we might face a situation where we’ll need to unlock it without a passcode. In such a case, apps like 4uKey iPhone Unlocker comes into play. The passcode can be 4 or 6 digits, custom, or alphanumeric.

This app can remove it within a minute. Not just passcodes, but face id or touch id can also be disabled easily. It also allows you to remove your iCloud account without a passcode easily. Unlocking an iPhone screen without a passcode is not a big deal anymore because of this app. It is 100% safe and virus free, but it isn’t a free app. The user needs to buy a license, which makes it safer, as said before. It is an authentic and easy to use application.  


  • ADVANCED SKILLS: – Cracking iPhone accounts something not everyone can do. This requires advanced skills in hacking. Suppose you want to bypass your iPhone account instantly, then it is not possible. This software doesn’t require any advanced skills. Every detail is present on a single screen. This makes it easier to bypass any old forgotten password of the id.
How To Unlock a Disabled iPhone With 4uKey
  • CHEAPER TO INSTALL: – If you visit any iPhone store for the problem, your iCloud account has been blocked because you don’t remember the password. To solve this problem, you will have to spend money. It will take some time for your account to restart. And the chances are that some of your data will be missing. Instead of wasting time and money, you can use this application and regain your account information for comparatively less cost.


STEP 1:- Open the web browser you desire. Search for 4ukey iPhone Unlocker.

STEP 2:- From the search result, go to the official site of the 4ukey iPhone Unlocker.

STEP 3:-Select the latest version of the application.

STEP 4:- After selecting the latest version, make sure all other application on your PC is closed. Then click on the download option.

STEP 5:- Go to the folder where the application has been downloaded and double.

STEP 6:- Double-click on the downloaded file. The installation window appears on the screen.

STEP 7:- Read all the terms and conditions carefully that appear on the window. And click on I agree to option.

STEP 8:- Click on the install option. And wait till the application is being installed.

STEP 9:- After the installation is complete, the application’s icon appears on the screen. Click on that icon, and you can now bypass your iPhone account with a click.    

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