Pinnacle is a video editing software that offers smart and creative ways to edit the software and it supports many functionalities such as multi-camera video editing, split screens, special video effects, movie sharing, and many more. It is also capable of handling HD and 3D files. One can create DVD projects using Pinnacle studio. The biggest advantage of this software is that it is friendly to both beginners and intermediate users.

FULL NAME:Pinnacle Studio
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You can now create movies and impress everyone with the pro-level editing and unique creativity with Pinnacle Studio. This editor allows you to export your videos on popular devices and even easily share your videos with family and friends on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. Pinnacle studio offers many features which makes it one of the most popular video editors in today’s generation.

Some of the features of Pinnacle Studio are as follows:

Face Tracking:

This feature was newly added to both software. Using these features, you can identify a face and then have the Motion tracking tool track it but the side effect of this feature is that by developing new technology to identify faces frauds are increasing.

Keyframing Controls :

The main feature that Pinnacle has is the ability to use keyframes for a long time and now this has even extended. Keyframing is a way by which you can control what is happening at any given time in your videos. Now one can use keyframes in a much wider range and can also include effects. You can also use keyframes to achieve smooth speed wherein the sections within the video can also be made to smoothly play faster or slower within the overall clip.

Split Screen video:

Pinnacle studio now features a split screen with which multiple videos can be streamed simultaneously. You can even drag and drop to create promotional videos or share the highlights from your latest trip.

Title Editor :

In this feature, you can set the style and manipulate individual parameters of any text with key frame-based controls such as motion, rotation, scaling, and more. Gone are the days when only video and photos were edited now it is applicable for titles too.

Pinnacle Studio: Video Editing Software & Screen Recorder
Download for Windows

Morph transitions

One can now create transitions in photos and videos. You can transform a single image, shape, or sequence and make cuts or transitions between scenes and merge video so that there is no discernable beginning or end. This makes your video more presentable and interesting.

360 video editing:

This new feature was added to the software for keeping pace with the latest formats and turned out to be the best feature. You can now edit your video and photos with a whole 360 rotation

How to download Pinnacle studio on your PC:

Download for Windows

1. Firstly check that no previous version of the Pinnacle studio for Windows is already installed. If there is a previous version please uninstall it.

2.Go to the official website of the pinnacle studio and select the latest version.

3. Check your internet and make sure you have a stable connection.3. Click on the link of the latest version at the website to start the downloading process.

4. It will take a few whiles to download which depends on your internet connectivity. 

5. Go to your folder. Extract and unzip the file.

6. Installation process starts. Check the instructions carefully and then click on ok.

7. Pinnacle studio is now ready to be launched.

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