Whether you are an average player or a highly competitive one, Insurgence has something to supply for you. A well-liked fan-made game within the Pokemon world.  During this game, users are allowed to interact in daring tasks within the RPG gaming franchise. The game created by Suzerain has a great plot and story which keeps you entertained throughout the game. Pokemon Insurgence offers a variety of features to make gaming fun and it is also equipped with brand new regions with super amazing mechanics.

FULL NAME:Pokemon Insurgence
Download for Windows

Features of Pokemon Insurgence:

Difficulty Levels:

Pokemon Insurgence has 3 different levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal & Hard that fits your gaming style.

Customization :

Pokemon Insurgence allows you to customize characters, secret base and even allows you to choose from different clothes and weapons

Challenge Modes:

Pokemon Insurgence consists of various challenge modes such as Nuzlocke Mode, Randomizer, Iron Man, Solo Run, and many more!

Connect and trade easily:

You can connect online with friends and play with them. You can also use the online trading feature to trade your Pokemon with other players or make your Pokemons evolve through trading. It also allows you to enter your friend’s safari where you can trade one of your Pokemon and get one of their pokemon.

Mega Evolution:

Collect the mega stones because during a battle if you have the right Mega Stones with you, you can use the feature of mega evolving your pokemon. But be careful when to use it because you can use this only once in a battle and only one Pokemon at a time.

Delta Pokemon:

With hundreds of pokemon featuring in Pokemon Insurgence, Delta pokemon is one of the few. Delta pokemon is a special kind of pokemon as its type and appearance differ from other pokemon. This was based on an idea scientists had about making pokemon perfect.

Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5 Free Download - 2020 | LisaNilsson
Download for Windows

Multiple save:

You can now save multiple games together with this new Pokemon feature. This helps you to keep track of your games and simultaneously play different levels.

How to download it on PC:

1. Open the latest version of Pokemon Insurgence which is always on the top and is called “[Patch] Pokemon Insurgence X.Y.Z”, where X, Y, and Z are numbers)

 2. Go to the download section and select the file appropriate for your pc

3. Double click on the file. It starts downloading.

4. Once that it is downloaded, go to your local disk and unzip it

5.Now, Extract the contents of the  file using Winrar to the Pokemon Insurgence Core folder

6.Once the extraction is completed successfully, open the Pokemon Insurgence Core folder, and look for the Game execution file.

7.Double-click on the file to run the game and start playing Pokemon Insurgence on your Windows PC.

Download for Windows

How to download Pokemon Insurgence on Mac:

1. Check for your mac version. Any version before Catalina is okay.  

2.  In your finder folder search for the application folder.

3. You will find the terminal in the utility folder which was present in the application folder.

4. Then, open the terminal application by double-clicking on it.

5. Go to the official website of Pokemon Insurgence.

6. Follow the terminal commands that are mentioned:

curl -S “https://gitlab.com/levi506/installing-insurgnece/raw/master/assets/macOS/install.sh” | bash

7. Game starts to install now and waits till it gets installed. Installation speed depends on your internet

8. After the game is installed a directory is created.

9. Run it with the command and you are now good to play.

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