Fallout has been on the epitome of providing amazing games under its wing. However, the latest additions haven’t lived up that much based on the previous launches. New Vegas has been one of the best games that fallout has ever been able to produce and done a fantastic job with it as well.

New Vega revolves around your leading player who also acts like a courier guy delivering things from one place to another. But this is after the war between the USA and China over resources.

It left the city of Las Vegas in the dust, and things have to get better either now
or never. It’s where your character comes into the picture where one fine day, he is the robbers rob him of the courier. The courier which was that is to be delivered and then needs to find it back. Throughout the journey, there are several clashes with enemies and other things that he shouldn’t be a part of.

Obsidian develop the game and Bethesda published it back in 2010. It was available on three platforms one was on PC, play station three and Xbox 360.

Fallout New Vegas’s mod
Fallout New Vegas Mod

Mod Pack for Fallout New Vegas

Mods are quite helpful when it comes to the entire customization of the game in terms of graphics or gameplay. The user has design the game in a way that it can either change one particular part of the game, or the whole gameplay itself. Mods are designed and curated by fans of the game, and there are no official mod packs, but then it’s all thanks to the developers that make them.

But if you are on the hunt to have the best mod pack of the game? Then there is Nuclear
mod list 2020 which comprises of an extensive array of mods that helps in the complete
enhancement of visual and gameplay of the game.

Its makes the game quite realistic and helps in making things sharper with higher texture quality and immersive graphics orientation altogether. Though the installation might seem to be a bit difficult, things are better when you have a mod manager managing all the mods and remove the ones that don’t suffice to your liking.

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