For someone that is looking to start their journey in music production/ creation, then it might get expensive fast. It’s because getting the natural voice recordings and state-of-the-art software can make the difference.

Music producing equipment is quite costly and can cost a pretty penny. While the free versions of the paid software are no good, there isn’t much free software that can provide you a fully-fledged music production experience until now. 

FULL NAME:CoolMuster iOS Assistant for Windows

What is GarageBand? 

Garage band is your one-stop-shop for all song production-related ventures. One can record their voice, tune it add effects through various instruments, and create a complete song. 

The app also supports learning features where beginners can learn how to play instruments from the application. There are a plethora of in-built effects that could be used in a 24-bit audio interface. There are smart controls used for adequate mixing and chopping of vocals or blending tunes. Projects can be saved online through iCloud and gain access to any iPhone, iPad, or MAC. 

The user interface is quite simple, which showcases three panes. Each pane showcases different audio inputs and layers of the track. Tweaking them based on the effects alters the final output of the audio track. You can also tweak the effects to create newer effects. 

With several online courses on how to use the application, becoming a professional in using it takes no time. Unfortunately, the application is only available in the Apple ecosystem. For windows users, emulators do an excellent job of fulfilling that experience. 

Key Features of GarageBand. 

Simple User Interface

The overall user interface is simple. Things are legible and understandable. Using the software is a breeze of a task. There are hints and quick help options as well to guide the user if they are stuck anywhere 

Great Sound Library

The sound library is filled with fresh sounds from different instruments. There are various loops and pre-sets that one can incorporate into their final output song.   

Smart Controllers

There are sliders, knobs, buttons to help users navigate and alter the audio of the final music. Also, options for recording, mixing, and sharing are also available right from the application.  

Good Learning Support

Forty basic lessons will guide you into playing the piano in different genres. Even free lessons from artists to learn how to play a hit song.  

How to Download and Install GarageBand on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download iPadian

iPadian is a MacOS emulator for windows operating system. One could use other emulators, but the iPadian stands out to be the best. Though it’s a paid software, there are free trials you could try out. Download it. 

  • Install the GarageBand

Once the application is downloaded, open it, and install the application. Sign in through your Apple ID. Go to the app store and download the Garage band. 

  • Start composing

Upon successful installation, open it and enjoy the world of curating great music. 

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