Writing content is never an easy task. Though it might seem as if it is a seamless task, it never is.

When you start writing an article or a piece of content, you need a free and steady state of mind. This is necessary to begin the article with compelling content and to explore your imagination so that you can write them down perfectly.  

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In such a scenario, many might prefer having a full-screen (Blank) Microsoft Word window open in front of them to start writing. But the blank screen doesn’t really work for everyone.

Many users also prefer the subtle feature of having the background to encourage them to produce innovative content or thoughts. For such people, we have FocusWriter that provides a creative backdrop to writers so that they can enjoy an exciting and productive writing experience. 

What is FocusWriter?

Distraction is the primary cause for writers to not be able to jot down their thoughts. While a few can overcome this issue by paying complete attention; others require a different take to be able to write something on the computer system.

FocusWriter is one such application that provides a distraction-free environment where people can have an interactive background image while nothing distracts you. The entire screen is filled with a picture whose sole purpose is to not let the writer get disturbed in any case. 

Download for Windows

The by-product of Gott Code, FocusWriter hides all unnecessary clutter from your desktops and ensures that the writer is wholly focused on working on the projects. There are several options for having daily statistics of productivity, setting daily goals, and much more. One can change the background to any standard color or have a unique background of their own. 

But the takeaway from the application is that the formatting options are quite low. The standard editing options offer features such as changing fonts, styles, etc. Another interesting thing about this application is that there are streaks available. It determines the amount of work done on the application daily—a gaming touch to the working environment. 

FocusWriter is available for the latest versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

Key Features of FocusWriter

Distraction-Free Writing 

Carefully designed to eliminate all types of distractions from the screen to ensure optimal productivity. 

Extensive File Support

The application supports file extensions such as TXT, ODT file, basic RTF, and so on. 

Safe and Secure

The system automatically saves your work at regular intervals whenever you make a change. It’s 100% secure and safe and offers end-to-end encryption. Also, it only allows the original owner of the file to access the data. 

Adjustable Modes

There are several ways that one can adjust the overall outlay of the application. One can choose from a full-screen mode, fonts & size, dark mode, typewriter sound (for that authentic feel), and much more. 

Extensive Features

Other features include adjustable timers, live statistics, sessions, portable mode, etc. 

How to Download and Install FocusWriter on PC

  • Download the Application

The application can be downloaded easily from any third-party website. There are several versions as well, so do check the version that you’re downloading. Also, the operating system should be checked before you download the relevant file. 

  • Follow the Installation Process 

Once the FocusWriter installation package has been downloaded, open the file, and follow the on-screen instructions for installing the application. There will specific terms & conditions that might have to be satisfied before it starts installing.  

  • Start Using the App

After successfully installing the application, it may or may not open by itself. There will also be a shortcut on the desktop to have quick access to the application. Open the application, choose your background, adjust the settings, and start typing. 

Download for Windows

How to Download and Install FocusWriter on Mac

  • Download the relevant DMG File 

With FocusWriter available on macOS, typing seamlessly without any distraction becomes easier. Download the relevant DMG file from the internet. The latest updated file would suffice in providing all of the listed features. 

  • Install the File

Once the download is over, open the file. The system will scan it at first and then prompt you to drag and drop the FocusWriter icon to the Applications folder. Do as instructed. 

  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions

After dragging it to the Applications folder, open the file. Agree to all the terms and conditions of the software. Let it install, and another pop-up will ask you whether you wish to retain the downloaded DMG file or delete it? Choose to delete the DMG file once the application is installed on your Mac.

  • Start Using the Application

Once the software is successfully installed, open it from the applications folder, or put the icon on the dock to have quick access to the software. 

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