Clearing storage in your phone might result in the deleting of apps, photos, and other multimedia content. But the accidental deletion of such material can result in some devastating consequences.

This is where nifty apps such as Phone Rescue come to help you in the hour of need to recover any lost multimedia content either from your iOS or Android devices.

FULL NAME:Phone Rescue for Windows
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What is Phone Rescue?

Phone Rescue is an interesting software whose function is to recover as many deleted files as possible. It supports more than 31 file types and ensures complete recovery of files on your devices. Since it is available for both Windows/Mac, retrieving vital data is has become more accessible now.

Moreover, the application offers a plethora of features and supports iPads/iPhones, iTouch, and much more. From severely damaged devices to corrupted data, from deleted media files to iCloud recovery, this application supports it all.

Phone Rescue
Phone Rescue
Download for Windows

Key Features of Phone Rescue

Interactive UI

The simple yet straightforward UI makes it better and feasible to use at ease.
Opening the application will direct you to a set of set-by-step instructions on how to
use the application. Choose from an iOS/Android device and follow the given steps.
One might have to log in to their iCloud account or Google Account for recovery of
backups or lost cloud data.

Plethora of Features

The application is primarily known for its data recovery abilities. It showcases a full
an array of things that are deleted from your phone and showcases them periodically.
Choose from the lost set of data and recover them. It’s quick and fast in doing so.
Another exciting feature is the reset feature where data from mobile devices that
are frozen can be retrieved through Phone Rescue.

Secure Login

If you’re worried about the data that might get leaked or stolen, then there’s no
need to fear. The software uses a 256-bit SSL encryption that never stores your data
within the application. But through its “thunder – extraction data recovery process,”
it ensures that data is neither overwritten but is seamlessly recovered without the
loss of existing data. All data is stored in your system safely.

Email Support

The company behind the all-round development of Phone Rescue is iMobie. They
offer a well-supported customer care services via email. Any difficulties faced in
using the application is cleared out within 24 hours of raising a query via mail.

Extensive Recovery Options

Phone Rescue helps in recovering data/media files bundled with 31 other types of
file formats in both iOS/Android. Things like backups, cloud data, breakdown data
recovery, lock screen freeze loop, etc. can all be recovered with the application. It’s
important to note that based on your phone and its operating system version,
recovery can differ significantly.

How to Download and Install Phone Rescue on PC

Download the Application for PC

The application can be downloaded from IMobie’s official website. There is a free
trial for the application for a specific number of days. After which it would run you
$49.99 for one year and $59.99 for a lifetime license. They do provide a 60 days
money-back guarantee option as well.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions

Based on the version that you download, the file size might vary. Open the
downloaded package and install the application. Agree to all the terms and
conditions of the application and wait for it to finish the installation.

Start Using Phone Rescue

Once installed, open the application either from the desktop shortcut or from the
installation wizard. Follow the step-by-step procedure of recovering data from your
device to recover all necessary data required.

Download for Windows

How to Download and Install Phone Rescue on MAC

Download the DMG File

From the official website of Phone Rescue, download the “.dmg file” based on your
MAC operating system version.

Install the Application on Mac

Open the file from your downloads and wait for the system to verify the application.
Another pop-up window will direct you to drag and drop the Phone Rescue
application to the “applications folder.”

Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Click on the Phone Rescue application from the applications folder and the
installation wizard will open. Install the software and wait for it to finish. A popup
will open, which will prompt you to either delete the downloaded dmg file or to
keep it.

Phone Rescue will automatically open up once the installation is completed. Follow
the on-screen instructions to learn how to recover lost data either from an
android/iOS device.

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