The new Enscape’s real-time technology helps to visualize your project as a fully rendered 3D walk-through. It can be navigated and explored from every angle. Enscape app also features a live link between the Enscape and your CAD program that helps you to follow every update to your plan easily and instantly. You can add Enscape to your workflow that gives you more time to create and innovate. The app offers its users a variety of options to share and collaborate with anyone from all around the world. It helps the users to easily explore all the 3D rendered designs. The users also won’t need to buy any special software or powered computers to use this software. 

Download for Windows

Features of Enscape are as follows:

360 Panorama:

Enscape helps to create a unique and stunning panorama using the tools that the app provides. This panorama can also be viewed by mobiles and the user can share it with their friends using the Qr code. 


The app provides an annotation feature that helps the user to change the request, suggest the material or problem, and highlight issues directly within the project. The users can also share their progress to maintain the context to benefit from communication with the team. 

Orthographic views:

Nowadays, every project needs a floor plan or cross-section representation to complete it. It helps the users to provide a simple way to present the scope, size, and intent of your design. You can use the app and with just one click, you can create a two-dimensional view out of your three-dimensional project. Switching is very easy between several flat perspectives to create floor plans or side view section cuts. 

New Version: Enscape 2.7 - Maximize Your Design Process - YouTube
Download for Windows

Cloud settings:

You can change the application’s cloud settings and adjust it the way you want. You can adjust the variety to perfect the ambiance and the feel of your scene. The rendering will appear brighter or darker and the clouds will appear thicker or thinner that depends on how you define the parameter. 

BIM information:

The BIM information mode contains all the information you need. The users have to click only one button to group elements in the Enscape window that immediately displays all the available BIM data. You can even search for the particular element in the BIM menu and see all the instances of the object that gets highlighted in the Enscape window. 

How can you download Enscape on your PC:

Download for Windows
  1. First, open the browser on your pc and search for the link to download Enscape.
  2. Ensure that the site is trusted and virus free and then download the installation file from the site. 
  3. Click on the Save or Save as to button to download the program. The program scans the app for viruses during download.
  4. If you selected the Save button, the file gets saved in your Downloads folder whereas, if you clicked the Save as a button, a pop-up appears that asks you to choose the location where you want to save the program file.
  5. After the download gets completed, you have to click on the file to start the installation.
  6. Then you must follow the windows installation instructions step by step.
  7. Finally, double click on the file to run the application on your windows pc.

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