The addition of multiplayer game the gaming universe a considerable boost in playing with the world and exploring greater levels of gameplay orientations. But not all platforms were blessed with this feature due to the technical constraints of the time when the feature was released. 

FULL NAME:Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Though it was a new and innovative way of playing games, few took it to other platforms where great titles made complete use of this new feature, and we have a similar game that offered the same back in the early 2000s. 

What is Download Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin?

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin was the first iteration of the Castlevania series to have multiplayer features baked into the game. Also, it was the first Castlevania game to have English audio for a handheld device outside of its Japanese release. 

The game is structured uniquely. Set in 1944 in Europe during the second world war, the story is the continuation of Castlevania: Bloodlines, where the characters gain more depth and control over the story and putting a stop to Dracula’s evil plots, seems to be the theme for all Castlevania games. 

The game was launched back in 2006 for the Nintendo DS platform. Though you can still play the game on a physical console, emulating the game on a computer seems to be a feasible option as well. 

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin
Castlevania Portrait of Ruin

Which Emulator to choose?

Out of the hundreds of emulators present out there, there are a few that come close in emulating Nintendo DS games. Through countless hours of gameplay and testing these emulators for what they have to offer, DeSmuMe is the one that we would recommend. 

Why choose DeSmuMe?

As weird as the name might sound, it has a lot of of features baked right into the emulator. Though the emulator might give out some amount of frame rate drops, it coupes up beautifully through its extensive features and options. 

Users have the options to alter the customization and emulation settings of the game. It is fully compatible with external controllers that plug-in the computer through a USB connection. Scaling of the game as per your inclination is quite feasible. Use the emulator to know why we recommend it for you. 

Three Related Games

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The game is nothing immediate action but more of an adventure-based game. With decent graphics and average gameplay, it saves itself from not being that great through its storylines. It’s a 2D gameplay oriented game that genuinely gives the user some kick in playing it effectively. 


For those looking to mix Prince of Persia and Castlevania? Then this is the game for you. It’s a game that tests the user’s patience, ability to defeat enemies and know what to do to win the game. Its spooky, creepy and fun all at the same time. 

Splatter House 3

As the name suggests, the game is packed with action, blood, guts, characters, special effects, and more. Though comprised of a 2D gameplay system, the game is packed with action throughout and quench that thirst of rapid button hitting moments to win the game. 

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