In games that have multiple titles and iterations, there is one common fact that seems to enrich the gaming universe. It’s the enemies that bring life to the games. Without them, I guess no action/adventure game would have any meaning. 

FULL NAME:Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Instead, most of the games are meaningless without enemies. But then hero’s do make up for most of the game and defeating enemies if one thing what they like. But in a specific Castlevania series, things do get heated up extensively. 

What is Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia?

Castlevania: Order of ecclesia is a game designed for the Nintendo DS platform and made by Konami; the storylines is somewhat interesting yet redundant. It revolves all around the main character Shenoa who plays a vital part in defeating Dracula. It’s necessary because the Belmont Clan is no longer alive and killing Dracula might be the revenge that restores harmony in the game. 

The game serves its purpose in offering decent graphics with a role-playing gameplay feature. There are newer attack systems, a tighter and crisp storyline, a better user interface.

But for those that still crave to play this game, then you could buy the hardware and physical cartridge of the game and play it. Also, playing it on a computer using an emulator is a feasible option. 

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia
Castlevania Order of Ecclesia

Which Emulator could be used?

Countless emulators in the market help in emulating games made on the Nintendo DS platform. But then to choose the best amongst them would require lots of hours and tons of gaming sessions to depict the best. Don’t worry, we have taken the liberty to do the same, and the best we found was DeSmuMe. 

What uses DeSmuMe?

No doubt, the name, and the pronunciations are quite weird and awkward at the same time; it makes up incredibly for the features it has to offer. The emulator is prominent on customizability and offering great graphics with less to no drop in graphic frame rates. 

Thanks to its open-source nature, things are continually improving with the emulator and offer features to save in-game moments, ability to play with external controllers, and usage of complete computer peripherals to enhance the gaming experience.  

Three Related Games

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

The game is all about searching for the character’s long lost friend. Though it might sound simple, it’s way beyond that. It’s a complete package of action, story, drama, and intensity to get the best gaming experience possible. 

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

When someone beloved of a player’s characters is wrongfully killed, you know things aren’t going to be the same. The same thing happens with Hector, who’s wife is wrongfully killed and to seek revenge, goes on a perilous journey to kill Dracula in an epic showdown. 

The Adventure of Rad Gravity

The game looks as though it was stripped off an action movie set. No doubt it has a 2D gameplay set, it’s quite lucrative in terms of player build-up, mission offering, and the adventure it has to offer. 

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