Games are reluctant in finding the right storyline which addresses the character development and offers a decadent take on the classic student master games. But then even if you think out of the box, there still would be some challenges that every game faces in terms of how to position the characters and what exactly needs to be done for the same. 

FULL NAME:Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Castlevania is one such series where the titles have their take on the storyline and make a more significant impact on the players playing the game. Today, we have another exciting title that would not disappoint. 

What is Castlevania: Circle of the Moon?

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is part of the Castlevania series that follows the footsteps of the Belmont clan and Dracula’s enmity and takes it one step further. If you are a long time Castlevania fan, then you might know what the story might be but then for those anticipating for it, then it’s about Nathan Graves who is on the quest to free his master from the clutches of Dracula. 

Though it might sound simple at first, it’s quite the game and does offer a better gaming experience with newer weaponry and a 2D gameplay scenario. However, there are several upgrades that you can give your characters to defeat enemies effectively with ease. 

Though Konami released the game for the Game Boy Advance platform, the game can still be played today on the computer using an emulator. 

Castlevania Circle of the Moon
Castlevania Circle of the Moon

Which Emulator to be used?

To emulate game boy games, there are plenty of emulators to use. While few come close to being best, others are just namesaked ones that don’t offer anything. What we would recommend is to use Visual Boy Advance to emulate any game boy advance game without any difficulties. 

Why use Visual Boy Advance?

VBA is one for the oldest game boy advance emulators out there. It has immense popularity amongst emulator fans all thanks to its simple user interface and plethora of features. Features include the standard options of saving, loading, screenshot and more. 

But the emulator doesn’t drop frame rates and its cleaned adequately to give the best user experience for the players. All of the various tools are hidden under the toolbar, which provides easy access for the extensive features that it brings to the table. 

Games that are similar to Castlevania: circle of the moon. 

Castlevania Resurrection 

This title comprises a 3D take on the authentic 2D format of the game. It has an exciting gameplay feature, but for those die-hard Castlevania fans, it’s a boon to see their characters optimized, and the story made innovative. 

Castlevania 2: Simons Quest

Ever wondered what would happen if you finish a game too early? Well, that’s what this game is all about. Simon’s quests have an exciting take on the storyline where Dracula curses your characters, and you have to assemble his parts to free and save yourself.  

Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse 

Hailing to be one of the best 8bit game of the series, it’s the first game where playing with Simon’s father is entirely possible. Different characters can be used based on their powers and do offer some impressive graphics and storyline. 

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