Advance Wars is a game released by Game Boy Wars Advance which was published by Nintendo and advanced by Intelligent Systems. This is an exciting strategized war game where you can command your troops and step on the battlefield to protect your land. This game is the first game in the series of Advance Wars video games.

FULL NAME:Advance Wars ROM

Advance Wars is a free online game that you can download on your pc. You can play many different multiplayer games, strategy games, and action games offered for this console at Emulator Online. The main objective of this game is to defeat the enemy. There are two ways to defeat your enemy where you can either destroy every one of the opponent’s units on the map or capture the opponent’s headquarters. Some of the maps also have specific objectives where you have to capture the cities to win.

Features of Advance wars are:

Multiplayer mode:

The game provides you with an option of single-player mode and multiplayer mode. It is equipped with several multiplayer modes where you can link up to four-game boy war advance’s players if you have the proper cable.

Different Units:

Advance wars are equipped with 18 different types of units where each unit has its set amount of movement range, attack power, vision range in Fog of war, and type, and fuel supply. Some units even have two weapons which can be used against various types of enemies. Every unit has different strengths and weaknesses.

Own map design:

After completing your Field Training the game unlocks some additional modes available for playing like War Room, Campaign Mode, Stats, and Map Design. The game allows you to design your map if you get bored with the levels included in the game. You can even share your unique created levels with your friends by connecting with the help of game boy advance and even compete against each other on the level of your choice. 

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War rooms:

This is one of the features that make the Advance Wars game better than it already is. The game has a special war room where you can test your strategic skills and get better at them by practicing.  

How to play advance wars using GBA:

You can directly pop advance wars games in your GBA to start playing. It comes with a manual that you can read later if in any case, you get stuck. Advance Wars has its own mandatory Field Training mode where you can learn the moves quickly.  As the level of the game increases, it adds more complexity. You will need new strategies as new levels are introduced. The game provides you with varieties of levels that are different from previous ones like land units, sea units, and air units. The more you become proficient with it; the game provides you with a special power that will grant you an advantage on the field of battle. 

How to download advance wars on your PC:

  1. Check for the system requirements and operating system.
  2. Go to the official Nintendo site or just search on Google for the link to download advance wars. Please take care that the site you download from is secure.
  3. Get the compact download launcher.
  4. Click on the link or the “Download Game” button to start downloading the file.
  5. Locate the file in your folder 
  6. Finally, click on the launch button to install your desired game.

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