Backyard Baseball is a sports game developed by Humongous Entertainment for the Gameboy Advance (GBA) console. The game is available in a variety of modes such as single-player, exhibition, tournament or league, spectator, etc. The beautifully framed baseball-like visuals, awesome graphics, and special moves in bowling and hitting are the main highlights for this game. The game was a huge commercial success.

FULL NAME:Backyard Baseball
CONSOLEGameBoy Advance (GBA)
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The player can choose his team from 30 available players in the neighbourhood. Some very popular baseball players are cloned in the animated form and are available to choose. This includes Frank Thomas, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr. and others. Some of the top-ranked baseball players like Randy Johnson, Mike Piazza, and others are locked during the initial stages and once the player advances, they can be unlocked.

The player has two main objectives. First is to form a stable team and second is to win the League. The game has American League tournament and National League series. Certain pitching moves like Crazyball, Fireball, Spitball, Elevator, etc. can be used on the opponents to gain points. Batting power-ups include Sonic Boom, Rubber Bat, Lightning Bat, etc. The game is very diverse and designed well. Check out this to enjoy in your leisure time.

What Emulator to be used to play this game?  

Backyard Baseball is released on the Gameboy Advance (GBA) console. To play this game on your favorite device, you need to download and install GBA Emulator. For windows, you can select from BatGBA 2.2.5b, DreamGBA 2.5, MyGBA 1.0.4, VBA 10, etc. Android users can download an emulator like Cool GBA 4.2.0, Emulator for GBA 2 1.6, GameBoid 2.4.7, GBA Emulator 1.5, GBA Pro Plus 4.0.0, KOBox 2.3.6 or others. For iPhone users, the available choice of the emulator is GBA4iOS 2.1.

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