Super Mario Sunshine is a 3D platform game that was developed by Nintendo for GameCube and released in 2002. This game is similar to the predecessor in the Super Mario series, Super Mario 64, but includes a few new features and controls. In this game, the player controls Mario and tries to re-capture the 120 Shine Sprites.

FULL NAME:Mario Sunshine Gamecube ROM
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The story takes place on the tropical Isle Delfino. Here, the characters are enjoying a vacation but a villain that resembles Mario has destroyed the island with graffiti. And Mario gets blamed for all the mess. So, to clear his name and return the island to its original state, Mario uses the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device (F.L.U.D.D) and saves the Princess Peach from the Browser Jr. (fake Mario) at the same time.

To get Shine Sprites, Mario needs to clear the game objectives and complete hidden challenges as well. At the same time, Mario has to clean the island using F.L.U.D.D which has a lot of cool features for Mario to use.   

What Game emulator to use to run this ROM?

If you would like to download Super Mario Sunshine rom on your PC or other devices, then you would need a rom emulator to run the game on your device. For this GameCube game, you would need to download a GameCube emulator on your device. If you use a Windows PC, then you can download GameCube emulators such as Dolphin 5.0, Dolwin Master 0.10, Gekko Public Release, and so on. For Mac, you can check out Dolphin 5.0 Mac.

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