Pokemon Ultra Violet is a hack of the original game Pokemon Fire Red. This game hack was made to make the gameplay more enjoyable although it has the original design and story of the original GameBoy Advance game by Nintendo. One of the most prominent changes made in this game is to allow a player to play the complete game and catch all the Pokemons (including all the three generations) in a single game save.

FULL NAME:Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM
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Another great thing about this game version is that in this game, you have an option to select your first Pokemon from Professor Oak’s collection or you can catch your first Pokemon. Professor Oak takes you to his facility so that you can catch a rare Pokemon and get your partner. On the other hand, your rival will end up choosing Charmander to train and play against you.

One of the best things about Ultra Violet is that it shows you Pokemon from both Fire Red and Leafy Green Version so you can catch any of them in this version. There are a lot of new ways to evolve your Pokemon in this game hack and you don’t need to trade them anymore. There are a lot of new features and islands added in this game which makes it quite exciting to play.

What Game emulator to use to run this ROM?

Download for Windows

If you want to run Pokemon Ultra Violet rom on your system, then you will need to install a suitable rom emulator. For this game, you would need to get a Gameboy Advance (GBA) emulator that is compatible with your device. If you use a Windows system, then you can use GBA emulators such as VisualBoyAdvance-M 64-bit 2.0.2, Boycott Advance 0.4, VBA10, etc. If you use a Mac, then you can download GBA emulators like VisualBoyAdvance 2.0.2 and for the Linux system, you can use Mednafen 1.21.3 Linux.

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