Pokemon Heartgold is the 2009 remake of RPG Pokemon Gold and is a part of the 4th generation Pokemon video games series. This game takes place in the Johto and Kanto regions where the main goal is to become the best Pokemon trainer by capturing, cataloging, and raising Pokemon to defeat other trainers.

FULL NAME:Pokemon Heartgold ROM
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This game follows the same storyline as Pokemon Gold and Silver and Crystal so you need to defeat the eight gym leaders and then the Elite Flour followed by the Champion in the Johto region to become the best PoKemon trainer. After successfully completing the game, you can visit the original Kanto region to defeat the eight gym leaders over there. You also get a chance to defeat a legendary Pokemon Trainer ‘Red’ who stay on the top of Mt. Silver.

In comparison to previous games, Pokemon Heartgold has a lot of new additions and features like the Pokewalker, Pokeathlon, legendary Pokemon from other regions, and so on.

What Game emulator to use to run this ROM?

Pokemon Heartgold
Pokemon Heartgold
Download for Windows

Once you have downloaded Pokemon Heartgold rom on your PC, you will need to download the rom emulator to play the game. For this game, you will need a Nintendo DS (NDS) emulator as this game was primarily designed for Nintendo DS. You can check out NDS emulators such as No$gba Debugger 2.6a, iDeaS, RetroArch 1.7.5, etc. If you have Mac, you can download DeSmuMEDeSmuME v0.9.11 or OpenEmu

Three Related Games

If you really liked Pokemon Heartgold, then here are a few other games that you might like to try out:

Pokemon SoulSilver

Pokemon SoulSilver is the enhanced remake of Pokemon Silver and is quite similar to the Heartgold game. You meet several amazing legendary Pokemon and enjoy improved graphics and menu system. The main difference in Heartgold and Soulsilver is the Pokemon that you can capture and if you wish to complete your Pokedex, you will have to trade Pokemon between these two versions.

Pokemon Black

In Pokemon Black, a fifth-generation game, you explore a new region Unova to capture and train Pokemon so that you can conquer the gyms and the Elite Four. Also, there are lots of new Pokemon to meet and capture in this and you also see the seasons change. Most importantly, you can capture legendary Pokemon Reshiram in the game.

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Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Platinum is the enhanced remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and has improved gameplay, game settings, and includes a lot of new features. You also have many side quests and a WiFi plaza area to participate in Pokemon mini-games with up to 20 participants.

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