Freemake Video Downloader is an Ellora Assets Company crippleware download manager built for Microsoft Windows. A paid update has to be bought for consumers to delete Freemake branding on videos and to release media download over 3 minutes.

One of the most popular software, Freemake Video Downloader, allows you to download videos from different websites. The software supports YouTube, Twitter, Dailymotion and Vimeo. This video downloader is an excellent alternative for quick video downloads. You have to copy the URL from the Internet, add it to the desired area and press the Add button. 

You can import video clips from popular Internet streaming pages. You can either save videos in original form or use the optimised converter to transform the file to MP4, AVI, or MP3 files.

This software has a simplified and smoother GUI in contrast to other video downloading software. This YouTube video downloader recognises the type of video automatically and gives you a range of download and transformation options. 

FULL NAME:Freemake Video

What Are The Different File Formats Freemake video Downloader Supports?

Freemake Video Downloader supports several file formats, and this is one of the most exciting features of the software. Besides, the software provides various configuration choices which can be changed quickly without technical experience or skills. The app lets you borrow clips from several streaming websites as well. You need to specify the security information for signing into these websites when downloading age-restricted video clips. It is simpler to handle parent controls and other related functions with intuitive setup settings. 

This programme gives you a few options for the output file to select a preferred format, unlike any MP4 Video Downloader. MP3, MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP, MKP, iPod and many more are among the most frequently used formats. You can set the video quality with preferred file size and resolution using the Freemake Video Downloader. This helps you to reduce the storage space on the hard disc of your computer. You can also download or convert the video to a different file type as part of the original file format. 

Safety Measures of Freemake Video Downloader

  • Reliable parental checks and other safety features come with it. 
  • Freemake Video Downloader has a dedicated website lock that enables you to activate parental controls and set up passwords. 
  • A single-click download mode helps to accelerate the download process integrates well into the programme. The same configuration parameters are automatically applied to subsequent downloads.
  • With an intuitive and straightforward interface, the programme is an easy to use option for both experienced users and beginners. 
  • Several bug fixes and enhanced security for a smooth functionality comes in the latest version of the programme. 

Features of Freemake Video Downloader

  • You can download videos from approx 10,000 sites.
  • You can easily download any YouTube content with easy parental controls.
  • You can save complete playlists.
  • You have the option to choose video quality.
  • Conduct simultaneous download of multiple videos.
  • It helps you to enforce parental checks to discourage unethical images of your children.
  • Download videos of different quality and formats.
  • Files are downloaded at an excellent rate. 

Options and Menu Available in Freemake Video Downloader

  • Four menu options are available in Freemake Video Downloader. 
  • You can configure the settings by using the File menu. 
  • You can minimise the window and can see the popups.
  • Video Capture Pro and parent controls are used.
  •  Adult video settings can be selected.
  • Updates are speedy, and proxy server settings cab be edited.
  • The social networking platforms link the device to your machines, and your language is selected. 
  • You can also manage your downloads, visit the assistance section and donate online through the menus.

How to Download Videos Using Freemake?

  • Install Freemake video downloader and turn on one-click download option
  • You can copy the video’s URL and its link on the video downloader.
  • Click the paste URL button to download the video automatically. 

How to Cut Video Quickly & Free in Freemake?

Would you like to cut needless video things or ads easily? Get a free video cutter in the form of Freemake. It eliminates any unnecessary minutes or divides into bits for comfortable cutting or duplication from your long clip. Freemake embraces more than 500 formats of content, cuts massive HD files, retains the accuracy of originals, and stores files in most common forms. 

  • Download Freemake video downloader

Download the app for film cutter on your Windows PC (Windows Vista and higher OSs are supported). Double-click the Freemake installer to launch the installation process straight from your browser.

The file senses the machine language and offers initial knowledge in your system’s language by default. Adjust it when you are asked by the installer in which language. Then pick a programmed route. 

  • Add a video to trim 

Use the “+Video” button to connect media to trim. Or drag and drop the tool’s files. You can also select the clips you want to shorten by clicking File-Video. Film extensions available are MP4, FLV, AVI, and more. You can add several videos to the freeware at once, but you can only trim one at a time.

  • Cut the video of your choice. 

You need to open the already integrated clip editor. Once you’re ready, you can select the videos by clicking the scissors button next to the movie. Beware of the bottom buttons in the editor. To start the part you want to remove, use the Left to mark the beginning of a piece and then click the Right to set the end. Finally, to remove an unwanted element, click the middle button. 

  • You need to set final file settings. 

Now, look at the bottom of the video cutting toolbar. There are various options for production. For PC, you can choose from a standard media container, and for a handheld computer, you can choose MP4 or 3GP. Take the one that you like. Choose your laptop or the film quality needed in a new window to fit your every need (Ultra HD, HD, medium, etc.). 

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