It is quite understandable that people are anxious about doing an unavoidable online money transaction over public Wi-Fi because hackers try tracking everything in this era. But what if you have protection against hackers and intruders? Yes, you can be troubled less if you are using VPN protection against them. There are also many other uses in using VPN services, such as you can enjoy complete internet freedom. Many governments would block certain services on the internet according to their interests and strategies. These restrictions based on location can be dodged if you use a VPN. 

Let’s look more into ExpressVPN, its features, and how to download the application onto your PC. 


ExpressVPN is one of the excellent VPN applications which is based in British Virgin Island and was also developed and published there. It requires an Android operating system of 5.0 and more, and it is a light weighted app. It has earned more than ten million downloads on Google Play Store. This application has got some in-app purchases worth 12.95 USD – 99 95 USD. 

Features of ExpressVPN

1. User Interface

The user interface of the ExpressVPN application is simple and impressive. You can connect to the VPN service with a single tap. It also supports multiple languages. 

2. Privacy

The application ExpressVPN provides you with powerful privacy on the internet. You can do internet surfing without compromising your identity or information. It provides the best encryption by hiding your IP address and location. 

Besides, they do not keep any log of your activities.  

3. Broad Geographic Coverage 

The proxy service covers all across the continents such as Asia, Africa, Central America, Europe, the US, and South America. It is estimated that they have around 1000 servers in 145 locations.

4. Multi-Device Support

This application supports protection for multiple devices with one subscription. 

5. Blazing Fast

The ExpressVPN service application presents you with a blazing fast speed connection to the internet and access to internet services. 

6. No Ads

The application ExpressVPN provides you with a clean and clear application environment with no ads. Hence, you can use the application with no annoying ads interfering.

7. Customer Support in Seconds

Indeed, customer support is a great aspect of every business. Customers will trust an establishment only if they provide decent customer support. The ExpressVPN application provides you with customer services within seconds which is a great feature. 

How to Download the ExpressVPN Service Application onto your PC?

To install ExpressVPN service onto your Windows or Mac PC, you can use the help of an Android emulator such as BlueStacks App Player or Nox App Player.

  • Go to the official website of an Android emulator of your choice.
  • Install the emulator and launch it. 
  • Search for ExpressVPN application after signing in.
  • Click on the download button to start downloading.
  • You can install the application by running it.

You can also download the application from a software downloading website.

  • Go to a reliable software downloading website.
  • Search for ExpressVPN.
  • Click on the download button to start downloading.


ExpressVPN is a well-established proxy service application that allows people to surf the internet without revealing their true identity or activities. 

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