Zona is an online streaming client for BitTorrent. It is full of features to deliver multimedia content on your screen, be it a home desktop or laptop PC. Movies, music, sports competitions, TV shows, live channels, and much more are available via this free and fast media entertainment application. Zona is built on reliable technologies on top of the fast P2P tech.


Users get to enjoy a wide variety of content ranging from radio streaming to even games which is what makes it different from usual clients. The best feature of the application is that you need not wait for the entire file to download before you can enjoy it. It is delivered to you live, and one can start streaming it as soon as they start the download. As soon as the internet connection has made the initial file segment available for the firm and powerful media decoding engine at Zona, the user is free to start the stream.

There are two best features in favour of Zona’s arsenal. The interface is relatively intuitive, making it less hassle for the end-user, and it has an enormous database that caters to most of the searches for content. So, for die-hard fans who cannot wait until the download is through, or those who aren’t very willing to subscribe to Netflix or any other streaming service, Zona provides the best alternative which by the way, is available free of cost.

However, Zona is an unusual torrent client as compared to the others in the category. Although it might be known for having certain similarities with other software in the domain, such as Popcorn Time, it is different in a lot of aspects. The primary contrast is that it provides a lot of other alternatives as well – radio stations, online TV channels, and games. On top of it, these many channels can always be filtered as per the requirement of the user that sorts it based on two aspects – quality and country. The background information for any movie or TV series, refers directly to IMDB, if available, or any other trusted sources of the same league.

Zona has all the standard functionalities that are needed for any such program. These include but are not limited to access to magnetic links, download distributions, assigning priority to downloads, ability to work in the background, etc. With that, it even allows the user to limit the download speed and will enable them to view the information about the distributor. But the critical proposition of Zona is that this client also includes a fully functional Torrent tracker from where you can download any multimedia of your choice – movies or TV series!

Zona İndir - Full Film Oyun İndirme Programı | Oyun İndir Vip - Program  İndir Full PC Ve Android Apk

The modern layout that Zona uses is an engaging interface that permits easy and quick access to all most of the regularly searched queries, browsing, and media playback tools. The interface is also visually easy to understand. It displays the fast and straightforward to navigate icons on the left with a large browsing canvas on the top that has correctly sized thumbnails and descriptions. There is also a unified search tool on the top of the interface. The simple interface built with limited, but sufficient resources, gives it the ability to run even on outdated PCs and older laptops, providing even the weakest devices access to a large entertainment space.

Important Features / Highlights

Zona has the following characteristics:

  • It is free to stream media files.
  • It has many alternatives like games, movies, series, tv stations, radio streaming.
  • It is written in Java with a closed source license.

Additional Info

  • Zona provides the ability to select the quality of video, audio, and subtitles before watching them
  • Zona allows you to watch the video rentals without downloading them to your computer
  • Zona gives you the ability to adjust the loading and unloading speed
  • Zona comes with a convenient tracker search engine
  • Zona has an extensive catalogue with descriptions and other important information

Download Zona on PC

Zona is available for download in 3 simple steps, same for both Windows/Mac:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on ‘Download for Free’ button
  3. The download begins

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