Ever acted like a rock star holding a guitar on your hand, but know nothing special on how to play the guitar? Then, quit acting and start using Tonebridge.

FULL NAME:Tonebridge Guitar Effects
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Tonebridge Guitar Effects is a free to use Android app that can play your favourite songs in their original sound using your smartphone. It can act as an amplifier if you lack a physical amplifier. Learning guitar becomes comfortable with Tonebridge Guitar Effects. 

Ultimate Guitar USA LLC based in the US, developed and published the Tonebridge Guitar Effects app in the category of Music and Audio. It requires an Android operating system of 6.0 or more. It is a lightweight app of 14 MB. It can be used by everyone, regardless of age. It can also be shared with your family members. It has got more than five hundred thousand installs on Google Play Store.

Features of Tonebridge Guitar Effects

1.Tone Wizard

The tone wizard enables the users to access the gear view, which is the actual guitar pedals chain of little icons with sliders under them. The gear permits the user to alter the parameters by clicking the settings icon. Also, users can tweak the settings and explore amps and pedal, but the feature comes with a subscription.

2.Huge collection of songs

The app has a vast collection of songs. It can tweak any songs right from local to international.


They have created a massive collection of presets of more than 9000 for over 1000 artists. You can easily choose from this.

Besides, they also let its users upload and create their music presets, thus promoting efficient learning. Again, users can make preset requests to get presets that are not already in the app. 

4.Works with any guitar

The app can work with any type of guitar; acoustic or bass. The app has created a lot of presets that sound so pleasing and perfect. 

5.Editors collections

The app offers hand-selected collections of presets by Ultimate Guitar editors for any sense of taste. 

Tonebridge Guitar Effects on Windows PC Download Free - 1.4.1 -  com.ultimateguitar.tonebridge
Download for Windows

6.Pedalboard and Audio Units

The pedalboard is the feature by which you can switch between your favourite tones in an instant. 

Audio Unit is a feature by which you won’t need to switch between apps if you want to operate with another app too. This feature lets you access and runs both of the apps in one place. It is because the app has audio units that enable it to work with another app by opening inside the audio unit app.

7.User interface

The user interface is pretty simple. It has got different segments in which there are Featured songs at the top, Top of the week songs tab, popular fresh tones etc. It lets its users know the trend and easily pick songs and try on. Also, it has got 7500+ demo samples for effect previews. 

It has intelligent feedback and noise reduction system for clear sound. It gives the users the right feedback, which can enable the user to work more on the parts they are lacking. It also says that it has got a low latency for real-time playing. 

It is an easy to use application for the beginners as well as pros. There are advanced features for the pros to improve their skills. Also, users can publish the tones to the catalogue and can garner attention from other Tonebridge users.

It currently does not support USB connection devices. But, they are working on it and will soon update.

Here is what came updated on the latest version. 

You can now rate the presets you like, or those presets that you think need to be improved.

Compatible Devices

  • Ampkit Link
  • iRig
  • iRig 2

How to install Tonebridge Guitar Effects on PC?

To install Tonebridge Guitar Effects on Windows or Mac, you need an Android emulator like BlueStacks App Player.

  • Go to the official website of the Android emulator you choose and install it.
  • Launch the emulator and sign in. 
  • Search for Tonebridge Guitar Effects and install.
Download for Windows


Tonebridge Guitar Effects app allows its users to play a song in the original sound. It indeed produces perfect music. It can act as an amplifier. Plugin your guitar and learn comfortably and make alluring music! 

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