We are going to give you an idea regarding this notable file-sharing app available in the market, so if you’re a student or an employee who’s looking for a convenient way to share files and make collaboration in your workplace easy, then read until the end.


SHAREall software is the Quantum4u LTD company’s Indian app. With more than a million downloads globally, it is quite common in India, and this indicates that it is trustworthy and secure to use the service.

What is ShareAll all about?

SHAREall is a free application platform for file sharing that helps you to share and transfer files such as images, photographs, videos, records, applications, etc. The best part of SHAREall is that it allows you to share files without the Internet. The SHAREall app is famous for transferring files from one computer to another that does not require an internet connection. In only a few taps, you can share several files at one time. The app also helps you to exchange multiple files in various formats and provides several features, such as password protection, and more. 

Get the SHAREall app today from the official Android and iOS stores.  It has never been so quick to share a whole application before. We can share stock software, downloaded apps and Apk files with the arrival of the ShareAll app. Here, the file size does not matter. Apps and games transfer freely from KBs to GBs at lightning rates. Users will gain all Shareall functionality by having it installed; this ensures that files can be moved from Windows to Windows. Users also have the choice to transfer files from MAC to MAC.

ShareAll is the best and free of charge Sharing App for you. Before, exchanging data was never so easy. The sharing experience unrestricted data sharing free with SHAREALL: File Upload, Sharing. It allows customers to transfer files from one phone to another phone without the use of WIFI, so this application is completely offline.

Key Features of ShareAll

Uninterrupted sharing even when the mobile screen is locked

This is one of the most annoying issues from file-sharing apps before, you can’t transfer files while your phone screen is locked, so this cool feature of ShareAll made it so convenient for users to transfer files without waiting for it to 100% complete to close or lock their phone’s screen. 

Users can transfer files from Android to Windows desktop.

This feature allows users to transfer files from their Android device to their Windows computer without using any USB or Cable. Users won’t need to go through the hassle like before, to transfer files from their mobile device to their PC and vice versa.

Multimedia Sharing

It’s the critical point that users enjoy ShareAll. WhatsApp or other messaging apps are not designed for exchanging a plethora of files, as we have explained previously. If a user sends files independently, only a few MB’s are possible. Users must migrate all data from an old smartphone to a new smartphone (Android). We need an app that is made for this reason explicitly. ShareAll makes it, without partitioning, the transition of albums from Android to Android. Also, without file size limitations, transfer all recordings, photos, and documents at a time.

Uncompromised Quality

In case you did not notice, messenger applications downgrade the picture quality. Pictures of DSLR quality will look like the camera photos of the mobile stock. During the transfer, ShareAll maintains the consistency of the video and photograph. The recipient would get the very same quality that was sent by the sender. 

This software potentially supports both image and video formats. Users can move files without WiFi, Cell Data, in a new SharingAll upgrade. All these characteristics are 200 times better than Bluetooth. What else do you want? Catch this Google Play hot cake. ShareAll software is free to download and use.

Share ALL : File Transfer & Share with EveryOne - Apps on Google Play

Bucket Sharing

ShareAll also allows bucket sharing and separate file sharing with your friends. 

Fast File-transfer rate

ShareAll app can offer the fastest file-sharing speed without the use of any cable or wires. This vital feature will give its users a hassle-free file-sharing experience. 

Not network-dependent

ShareAll won’t necessitate its users to connect to the Internet to be able to transfer files. The users can utilize this application whenever and wherever they wish to transfer urgent files. The developer makes this crucial feature to cater to users who don’t usually have access to the Internet wherever they go. 

Optimized Interface

The ShareAll app’s developers did an excellent job in optimizing this app’s interface to fit the users liking. The interface is easy to use and explore, and users won’t have any lag problems while using since this app won’t demand a high-end device for them to use the app in its full potential.

How to download the ShareAll app on your PC?

The step-by-step procedure of installing ShareAll on your PC is pretty straightforward and not at all time-consuming. 

If you’re now ready to install this file-sharing application, then follow the few steps written below:

  • Download and Install an Emulator to your Desktop 

To install this app to a computer, you need to have a chosen Emulator first. You can choose between Bluestacks or Nox, look for it on the Internet and directly download it on your PC

  • Once you have already downloaded the Emulator, click the downloaded file and begin the installation process of the Emulator. 

Don’t forget to read the user’s agreement and read the installation procedures shown to run the Emulator.

  • Wait for the process to be finished.

When completed, you can now open the Emulator which you installed on your PC and type for ShareAll in the search bar present inside the Emulator. 

  • When you found the ShareAll app click it

After you click the ShareAll app, the interface will redirect you to the app’s store page containing the features and details of the app. 

  • Click Install Button

Once you click the install button, you’ll have to wait for it to complete the loading process.

  • Go back to your installed apps page.

Once you completed all the steps mentioned, you can now click on ShareAll inside your installed app in your Emulator and start file-sharing instantly. 

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