Remix OS is an Android-based Operating system from Android to desktop PC. The software was developed by Jide Technology and released in 2016. The OS was designed to run Android-based apps on an Intel-powered PC. It was released in three different versions:

  • Remix OS for PC
  • Remix Ultra tablet
  • Remix OS for Remix Mini

Remix OS is basically an Android emulator that enables the running of Android applications on PC. It says it is the only emulator that lets you run multiple games simultaneously. The Remix OS makes use of the latest Android Studio technology. Thus, its performance is unparalleled. It is a pure blend of Android running in background and Windows on the visual front. 

Features of Remix OS

1.User interface

The user interface for the Remix operating system is pretty friendly and straightforward. 

It consists of a start menu, system tray, taskbar, and right side notification bar for the ease of the user. It has a search bar in the start menu by which the user can search for the apps desired. It also lets the user pin some frequently used apps on to the taskbar for accessing quickly. 

Remix OS contains file manager, which is similar to the one in Linux operating system. This OS supports right-click mouse features. Since this emulator is integrated with the Android version of MS Office, it can support Microsoft Office apps which are essential in every device. The user can use gestures and forget about touchpad typing. It also supports keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Z etc. 

The expansive display of the OS is quite palpable. Users need not worry about battery life anymore. 

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Also, regarding the performance, it has built-in RAM management that helps to clear cache and RAM usage.

Besides that, it’s relatively easy to set up the OS. 

2.Optimized gaming

Remix’s operating system has unlimited games and apps. Its gaming is optimised to the best so that users can enjoy it to the fullest. No matter what, whether it is the straight bashing of keys or strategic timing attacks, this OS lets the user have everything.

The program allows users to create handy macros such as cursor movement, buttons taps, keyboard keys, and much for playing more advanced games.

Remix OS also offers HDR features for creating graphic cards, a fake GPS mapping for playing Android FPS type games for controlling your crosshair as well as a setup of Octopus key mapping engine and mouse to play complex games. 


Multi-tasking is another noteworthy feature of Remix OS. This Android emulator permits its users to operate multiple applications simultaneously. It allows the user to experience multi-gaming, which is a privilege. You can play various games at the same time or have a chat app opened adjacent to it to talk endlessly. 

4.Fast and lightweight

Remix OS is a fast operating system allowing the user to experience the smooth performance of the device. The lightweight of the app lets the operating system to run on old devices too. The file size is only 1.8 GB. 


This emulator is the most updated. With this, users can enjoy the latest apps and games.


Remix OS is compatible with all Windows versions starting from Windows 7. 

How to install Remix OS on your PC?

To install Remix OS, follow the steps:

  • Go to the official Jide website and go to downloads.
  • Click on download now.
  • Install by clicking on the downloaded file.


Remix OS is an excellent Android operating software. The OS was free to download, but due to its compatibility issues with Google apps, the company discontinued the OS. Still, users globally are working on the OS.   

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