Concerts have always been inspirational with the music, lights, energy, and the number of people that you are amongst. No doubt, the one or two hours concert could be a life-changing event, but have you ever wondered the amount of effort that goes into the lightings and other aspects of the show?

FULL NAME:QLab for Windows
Download for Windows

For the lighting alone, it takes almost two to three weeks to get it right with several changes and iterations to give you that inspirational moment with the music. But for those enthusiastic about the entire workings of a concert, then there is one particular application that makes the difference. 

What is Qlab?

Qlab is a macOS complete application that helps users mix their lights, cues, on-screen imagery, movies, playback music, and much more—widely used by concert designers and other DJ’s to get the acoustic and other aspects of their show just right. 

The applications come with a plethora of features and salient offerings. It offers a controlled timeline overview, auditions windows, powerful scripting tools, cue charts, full lightening support, deep integration with other tools such as show control, OSC, MIDI, and much more. Paste cue properties, record cue sequence, custom workflow template, and more are just a few of the surplus things that the software has to offer. 

It’s important to note that the application isn’t available on any other platform other than MacOS. But for those wondering how to get it on Windows, then there is a “Qlab Remote” on the iOS platform that can be used. An emulator to simulate iOS could work in getting Qlab for windows if you wish to control it from a Windows computer. 

NOTE – to avail the fully-fledged version of Qlab on a Windows computer without the removal of the operating system, then a virtual box could be used to sideload macOS on a Windows operating system.

Download for Windows

Key Features of Qlab

Sync Effortlessly

Syncing of all the mediums such as video, music, lighting effects, and more can be down through a click of a button. It hardly takes any time to sync and hit the “GO” button to play the entire compilation of audio/visual content. 

Industry-standard for Cue Playback

Qlab can be used to form small rooms or theatres to a live concert in front of millions of people. No wonder it’s been hailed to be this powerful. 

Matrix-based audio routing and Multi-audio Channel Support

There are a total of 64 output channel for audio with 24 live input of audio. There is audio playback of files with 24 channels. 

How to download and install it on PC using iPadian

Download for Windows
  • Download the installer for the iPadian

Get the latest version of the iPadian from any third-party site. 

  • Install it

Once the installer finishes downloading, open it, and set up the installation package. Ensure that you do as directed based on the set of instructions on the screen.  

  • Login using the necessary credentials

Upon successful installation, open the emulator and sign-in using your Apple ID. 

  • Install the app

Head to the app store and install “qlab remote.” Once installed, open it and use it as per your will and wish. 

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