With the increase in the use of online employment the need for pdfs is increasing. This isn’t a replacement concept but it’s one that has gotten tons more popular in recent years. thanks to this popularity, people need a PDF toolbox, and one among the toolboxes out there’s PDFBinder. PDFBinder is free software and there are even no advertisements or surveys that block usage. You can add your PDFs, rearrange them in the correct order, and let the software bind them together. Open the program and use the plus and minus buttons to add or remove existing PDF files to the merging list. Many features make pdf binder unique.


Features of PDFBinder 2020 are as follows:

Easy Merging:

You can transfer your pdfs into the file and click on the files that you want to merge. This feature helps when you want to combine multiple PDF documents by merging your chosen pdfs into a new virtual document. View your pdf using the advanced PDF viewer or save directly to your device using the quick merge facility.


PDF binder has password-protected encryption which makes sure your documents are secure and safe to use.

Easy to use :

the application is super easy because you just need to simply add the files you’d like to bind, drag and drop them into the desired order, and then save them as a single PDF document, and all the actions are performed with just five buttons on the window.

Low memory usage :

A PDF Binder is very small in size and takes up little memory on your drive. It’s also low on doesn’t crash or freezes your computer, even if you use it while performing a variety of other tasks. 

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Genuine software :

PDF Binder contains no built-in advertisements or surveys and is free to use. You get full functions and efficient operation at no cost 

How to bind PDF using PDFBinder for Mac:

1.Open your pdf file in an app named preview.

2.check if thumbnails are visible. If not, click on the sidebar and click on thumbnails

3. Now, select the “Edit” and go to the “Insert” option and then click on the “Page from File” button.NOW, choose a PDF… Once you’ve selected the file, click on the “Open” button.

4. Notice that all the pages from the second PDF are now added to the end of the current PDF. You can also check the page count by scrolling below.

5. Further, you can drag the page from the second PDF into the original document. Repeat this process if you want to add more PDF pages from multiple documents.

6. The PDFs are now bound together.

7. To save them navigate to the “File” section in the menu bar and then click on the “Export as PDF” button.

8. You can give a new name to the pdf and then click on the Save button.

How to download PDFBinder on your PC:

1. Go to the official website of the pdf binder.

2. Check your internet and make sure you have a stable connection 

3. Click on the link at the website to start the downloading process

4. It will take a few while to download which totally depends on your internet connectivity. 

5. Go to your folder and unzip the file

6. Installation process starts. Check the instructions carefully and then click on ok

7. Pdfbinder is now ready to be launched.

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