Notepads in windows have been a boon for various reasons. Often taking small notes, its light size, ability to use it for necessary web development are certainly a few good features.

Though the market is filled with similar applications, most of them are either more substantial in size or cost a pretty penny.

For a free alternative, packed with various features and taking the simplicity of notepad to another level, NFOPad is the optimal choice. 

FULL NAME:NFOpad for Windows
Download for Windows

What is NFOPad?

NFOPad is a small editor that also and NFO viewer for the Windows platform. Similar to windows notepad, this software offers a range of customization features. It also has a minimalistic look and supports all types of NFO files and ASCII art. Support for Unicode is also available. 

A few other features that can be found in this software include sorting selecting lines according to preference, ident selection, search and replacing of text, printing, text window auto width, highly customizable fonts, and so on. The editor supports drag and drop feature along with shell integration also. Different languages such as Brazilian, Chinese, Portuguese, and more are available. 

Using CTRL and double-clicking on the word selection is improved. Direct scrolling options, display of recently opened files, alpha bend support are few of the plethora features the software has to offer.

Download for Windows

The software runs smoothly on almost all versions of windows. So, ensure that you have the correct version of the software for optimal usage.  

Key features of NFOpad

Fast and Reliable

The editor works like a charm and is quite portable as well. Due to its small size and robust operating nature, it allows for a buttery smooth operating interface. 

Plenty of Customization Features

The editor comprises of features such as word wrap option, go to the line, delete line, alpha bend support, shell integration, ident selection, window auto width, customization with fonts, texts, color, portable, built-in ASCII fonts for NFO files, etc. 

Optimized User Interface 

The user interface is similar to that of a standard notepad but integrated with features. all the options are tucked away neatly and provides an attractive ergonomic look 

How to Download and Install NFOpad on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Installation Package

The software’s official website hosts the installation package. It’s a free license software. So, go ahead and download the version compatible with your operating system. 

  • Run it

Open the file after it’s the downloading finishes. Do ass directed from the on-screen instructions for installing the software. 

  • Enjoy the Application

After successful installation, the user can open it from the shortcut created on the desktop. 

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